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28 June 2003 @ 5:10 PM

BGM: "Proud" by Heather Small
Wanting: some Tylenol

Going to Gay West... a run-down of all that went down to come. If I don't get it in before Sunday, I'll also include the Pride Parade too.

Miss me!

~A (What have you done today to make you feel proud?)


{Too much! Too much!!!}
27 June 2003 @ 12:54 AM

BGM: "The Scientist" by Coldplay
Wanting: to get lucky tomorrow

Big day mañana... oh, wait, ahora. Anyhoo... I should probably have been in bed a few hours ago dreaming of new love and all of those fun, saccharine things, but I've been doing some online wheelin' and dealin' (ie: getting my Coldplay shirt paid for), and writing down some vegan cookie recipes for Mattha Stewart that he's going to peddle this weekend at Gay West.

At 7:00 I have to be up to take Mina to the auto doc to get her tummy all better. After that, my brother will take me over to Nana's house where I will have to keep myself entertained until about lunchtime. Then I have to waste some time until about 3:00-ish. After that, I will slave away the rest of the day (hey, that rhymed!) at work, making up the my Sunday hours in advance. I think I need to sleep if I'm going to do all of this and be able to be all energetic and peppy AND make some cheesy greeting cards to sell at GW too...

Gah! Why did I pile on this much on my plate?! All I ever wanted was some guy to call me his own and maybe some extra hours in the day to sleep. Is that too much to ask??

I'm okay... I just need some shut-eye. There is just no rest for the burdened.

Oh, and I don't know why I'm mentioning this (maybe it's due to a sleep-deprived dementia), but I saw the video for "The Scientist" for the first time on MTV today. By the time the video was done, I was sobbing like a madman (not that I assume madmen would indulge in sobbing much, but whatever). I don't know why I did it either, I mean, I've already seen the video, I had it downloaded long before even "Clocks" was released. But yeah, I might have to take in some therapy...

~A (This is what you get when you mess with us.)


{eBay victory}
25 June 2003 @ 11:30 PM

BGM: "Yellow" by Coldplay
Wanting: my Coldplay shirt now!

WOO-HOO! I'm so overjoyed! I finally won my black Coldplay 2003 Tour shirt on eBay! I will have this wonderful, beautiful, kick arse shirt to wear everywhere and make everyone insanely jealous... as soon as I pay for it. I still have to wait approximately 24 hours before I can do all of the fancy electronic confijerashuns to pay for it online, then it'll be shipped to me!

I don't care what anyone says or thinks, I *HEART* COLDPLAY WITH ALL OF MY BEING! And now I can show it with this beautiful black concert shirt that I'll treasure forever!

~A (It's true, look how the shine for you)


{Random update}
24 June 2003 @ 7:16 PM

BGM: "Space Age Love Song" by No Motiv
Wanting: the cute Irish boi from work

Hmm... I've been absent from this thing for a few days and I've gotten no guestbook signatures or notes saying that I was missed. I sorely resent that... I'll remember that! All of you will pay... *seethes*

No, I'm just kidding ^_^

But my absence is due not to apathy, but to the fact that my free AOL trial is over and I'm not going to be paid enough to get something new until this weekend. I'll be back though.

As for what's been going on for the past two days, I've been wracking my mind over trying to get a couple songs that don't appear on the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack. I think the one that sings the updated version of "Don't You Forget About Me" is Dave Kaplan, and No Motiv's version of "Space Age Love Song." I was lucky enough to find the latter, but absolutely no one on KaZaA has the other. Anyone have any info on this that could help soothe my overworked mind?

At work, there have been some new and interesting developments; or should I say distractions? There are a few new guys that have caught my eye. One of them I don't know what his name is, but he's so adorable. He's kinda chubbier-looking, kinda hairy arms and cute emotive eyebrows, has a cool tattoo on his upper arm and looks very distinctly Irish. The other guy is named David and is shorter about yea high *makes measurement to his chin*, has a cool tattoo of a sun on the back of his neck, and an Aquarius. I swear to Alanis and Her new album, what is it that always attracts me to Aquarians? There is no hope for me...

I leave you with this to whet your appetite until I can make a full-fledged return. You all better leave me a note or something saying that you miss me or I will cut you all! Love ya!



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