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{I can't think of a title}
26 July 2003 @ 1:52 PM

BGM: "I Only Want You" by U2
Wanting: I dunno
Wearing: green 'New York' Old Navy shirt, tan WF1 cargo pants

I'm feeling a little sad right now. I'm not quite sure why, I don't feel I have any right to be at this moment. I'm sure it's just another one of my mood swings (Jeez... sometimes I think I'm a fag-hag stuck in a gay man's body).

Yesterday was nice though. I got to spend the majority of it with Ivan (my brother). Who, I'll have you know is really updating his image. Granted, no one outside of my family and really close friends really know what his image was, he's still radically different. He even got his eyebrow piecred! Honestly, it looks good on him. I wish I could pull that off.

He came over and we tried to get the new computer that he had given me to work. It was to no avail, unfortunately, the Windows program that comes with (98), doesn't have a hyperterminal needed to log me on using dial-up, so I asked him to bring me his Windows XP disc to see if that would help. Unfortunately, THAT had it's flaws too. I just got frustrated with it and decided to leave it for the time being.

Anyway, after that, we went out to eat at the Super China buffet on Speedway and Wilmot. It was good, he and haven't gone out to eat any decent Chinese food in an age-and-a-half, so I decided to do him a good turn.

I was supposed to meet Daniel at the Tucson Mall so I can pick up a few items at Old Navy (my signature clothing store now). Ivan didn't have anything to do for the rest of the day (all of his friends are away or have other engagements), so I felt really bad and decided to invite him along. Besides, it would be nice to have him around so that we can keep and strengthen our sibling bonds, as cheesy as I made that sound.

Anyway, Daniel was already there with Iram (a mutual friend of ours) and he had picked out an assload of clothes for me. They were all really nice... so much so that I couldn't really bear to not leave the store without them in my possession. Ivan got into the groove too, he picked out some shirts and a pair of pants that he found cool. I was way happy for that. then, of all people who do I run into there, but Patrick. He, of course was the hot, but oh-so-jailbait younger member the kitchen staff at the YMCA camp when we went to retreat in February. We chat and I appear all important and enviable to the people in my party. Five points were added to my self-esteem.

After that, Daniel and Iram split, and Ivan and I continued our foray of clothes-buying. Our next stop was the Buffalo Exchange thrift store on Speedway. I've had a bag of clothes that I've been meaning to get rid of for ever and I decided that since I was going for broke clothes shopping (literally), I might as well see what my unused fashions would get me. Three button-up shirts, a pair of pants and a polo-style shirt that they wouldn't give me any money for (but I still let them donate it to charity for karma's sake) later, I had about $20 worth or store credit. I used that for getting me a cool pair of tan WF1 cargo pants and a spiked bracelet.

Once again, I run into someone while in the BE parking lot. This guy named Daniel who for a short period worked with me at Info comes strolling up carrying some sandwiches he got at the Subway next door. We chat for a while, his gay humor sways my brother, and he tells me that he got accepted into Juliard. Again, Ivan is impressed. He says his "see you laters" and we part. I really hate myself for not telling him to remember me when he makes it big.

After that, Ivan and I sorta end our day together and we part ways. I head home and continue to hash it out with my new computer, again to no avail.

Later on, Fox and I hang. He shows me some new episodes of "Buffy Crossings" on Hollywood High and we wait for Matt to call us so we can pick him up.

After we do all that, we head back to the house and watch some movies we rented. We settle in and watch Project A-ko and order some pizza. Before the movie finished, I would come to feel excruciatingly tired. I tell Fox that I'm way too tired to take him home, so we have a sleepover in my room.

That takes us to today. I broke a cardinal rule at Matt's house by not giving advance warning of Fox's staying over. I'm probably going to hear about it from them. The best I can do is explain my case and hope for the best.

As for my mood, maybe it's the fact that I did something that possibly pissed of my "hosts" is what's dragging me down. Maybe it's something else. I just hope it goes away soon.

~A (And all the promises we make, from the cradle to grave, when all I want is you)


{Me, popular? Surely you je-... No, I think you're right}
24 July 2003 @ 6:48 PM

BGM: "Moonlight Destiny" from the Sailor Moon S Movie
Wanting: more regular popularity
Wearing: royal blue Old Navy ringer, grey WF1 shorts, black flip-flops

Blessed heiffer, I've never gotten so many hits in one day! *Squeals* I guess my charmingly witty banner has something to do with it:

Fun, isn't it? Whee! The downside is that I think that I won't be able to outdo myself now that I've made something so cool. Wow, I sound pretty full of myself. Attitude check. (Audience:) F*CK YOU! Good, I'm back down to earth.

So yeah, I just thought I'd mention that for the sake of an entry.

~A (Moonlight destiny)


{Libra, wherefore art thou?}
24 July 2003 @ 12:06 AM

BGM: "Apocalypso" by The Motels
Wanting: a hunky LIbra man to cuddle with me
Wearing: same as earlier

Ugh... I have to be up at 6:30, so I'm off to bed. But I just thought I'd post this... I found the results rather interesting.

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~A (I'll sleep when I'm dead)


{Nude "Angel" + SM + DDR = ^_^ Aaron}
23 July 2003 @ 10:54 PM

BGM: "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick (and Letters to Cleo)
Wanting: David Boreanaz
Wearing: white t-shirt, old black and grey Spalding shorts

Last night was way peachy with a side of keen. Fox, Shaunda, Steve and I met up at the underground area of the University for some late night DDRing. Actually, I just checked Fox's entry on our night. He sums it up pretty darn good. But I should probably take my own stab at it.

So being the frickin' genius that I am, I park my car at the Cherry St. garage (which is right next to the library), when I could've parked at the 2nd St. garage and been there in two seconds. We then proceed to walk the seemingly endless length from there to the student union in the rain. Normally, the mall area isn't a problem to get through, but with water falling from the sky and walking through wet grass with wind blowing in your face and wearing shorts and flip-flops WHILE STILL VERY MUCH SICK, our endpoint could not come sooner enough. Though, the walk was made more bearable by the visage of shirtless college bois playing with a large medicine ball.

Once on the inside, Fox and I met up with Steve and Shaunda. I gave them a long-distance hug *Extends arms and turns head at an angle* so as to not infect the undeserving with my virus. The DDR machine that we wanted to use was occupied by a slightly larger man and a skinny dude. The other three seemed to keep themselves entertained while I couldn't help but be mesmorized by their expertise and seemingly graceful movements. They were awesome, they were doing what I think were some of the harder levels and scoring like 400+ combos. I felt way intimidated.

Anyway, once Fox and I were able to get on, we totally rocked the house... on the beginner's setting that is. Still though, we both got in a good sweatfest. I guess the room's ventilation also had something to do with it, but it was nice nonetheless. After we made it past the first three songs, we let Shaunda and Steve have a go at it since they looked like they wanted in on it. They did pretty good for their first try, even though Shaun totally whupped Steve.

By the time we did our next round, I was so pooped and so coated in sweat that it's not even cute. I think that I've progressed pretty well since my first bumbling attempt a few weeks ago. I still hate it though, when you have to hit the Left/Right or Up/Down arrows at the same time (especially the latter!), but I think that if we (Fox and I, and Steven and Shaunda for that matter) dedicate ourselves enough to it, we will become Dance Dance Revolutionaries in no time! MUA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, after that, we took a brisk walk about the campus and talked about Fox's movie. We're still on for filming it, but he just needs to finish writing it. I'm all for getting it done, because it's going to be so awesome. I suggested that we see if we can somehow get it funded so that we can actually get a good production out of it instead of it being all cheesy and having to be filmed using public access equipment. But whatever, it's just for fun. Though, I do wish that people could see it, it's so freaking hilarious, it's not funny (no pun intended).

Matt then called us and we had to go pick him up from work. We decided that once we dropped him off, we would regroup back at Steve's apartment and wreck havoc in his pool. Unfortunately, we found that it was locked, so we would have to make due with keeping ourselves entertained inside.

Not that that was a problem. Steve's room is fookin' awesome! He owns so much Sailor Moon swag that I would commit cold-blooded murder to get my hands on it! He owns all of the Irwin dolls (though they're not all that cool-looking)! He even let me hold the Sailor Neptune one. *Gets a little light-headed* He also has this awesome Sailor Moon World 2003 calendar! OMG, there's just so much to mention that I think I'll faint if I do. But, as far as non-SM shtuff that I was shown, the one thing that made me weak in the knees was Steve's tear out of Angel star David Boreanaz in the bathtub oh-so-naked. We spent the rest of the night looking up those images online, and we finally came across them.

I actually have them right here: Numba 1 and Numba 2.

All I can say is *Homer drool*...

But yeah, last night rocked hardcore. I love mah frendz and I *heart* DDR, and I *ahem* like David Boreanaz, and to have all that in one night is just too much fun. Too bad Matt couldn't be involved.

~A (I'll shine up my old brown shoes, put on a brand new shirt, get home early from work if you say that you love me)


{Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now...}
23 July 2003 @ 11:43 AM

BGM: No time...
Wanting: ...running late...
Wearing: ...sorry!

Last night was way fun, but I can't talk about it right now, I have to be in at work at noon. I'll make sure to write about it later tonight...



{Red eyes}
22 July 2003 @ 5:04 PM

BGM: "Clocks" by Coldplay
Wanting: sleep!
Wearing: same as this morning

My eyes are all bloodshot from lack of sleep. Especially my right one. I need sleep...

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What can I say? I *heart* playing as girl characters.

~A (I could not stop, but you now know)


{Desperately Seeking Something}
22 July 2003 @ 7:30 AM

BGM: "Get Into The Groove" by Madonna
Wanting: excitement!
Wearing: dark blue Info Polo shirt, khaki shorts

Guh... I'm in a rut. There is absolutely nothing new for me to talk about and there is nothing going on in my life that hasn't been written about in a couple of different ways.

So yes, I hit the one-week mark on this damned cold and I still continue dissatisfied with things as far as work and socially go.

Will someone please send over any excitement that they're not using? I'm sure there are lots out there that have so much that they don't know what to do with.

~A (Red skies at night)


{Prepare for job hunting}
21 July 2003 @ 11:34 AM

BGM: "Elephant Love Medley" by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman
Wanting: something better
Wearing: Coldplay concert shirt, dark blue Stanford boxer-briefs

I wonder how one would go about applying or looking to see if there are any job openings for government jobs. I mean, would they be listed in the classifieds like any other job? I don't know why I'm looking to work for the gov't, but I would really like a normal Monday thru Friday 9-5 deal. That would be sweet. Info's just not catering to my needs anymore and I need something better than what they're offering.

Now that I've said that, I should put my pants on so that I can go and surrender eight hours of my life to them.

PS: I'm still not feeling any better. Damn cold is having a the time of it's life in my body. I'm starting to think that unless I just stay home and in bed for an entire day, it will not go away.

~A (We can be heroes, just for one day)


{I want to be not sick for a change}
20 July 2003 @ 2:54 AM

BGM: "If You're Not The One" by Daniel Bedingfield
Wanting: more than this
Wearing: blue floral-print FTL boxer-briefs, white Hanes v-neck

I feel like death...

Fox and I went to Vaudeville tonight to see the last performance of Tucson's "Skinny Little Bitch" Faith Michaels. It was a nice show and all, but the atmosphere was not very conducive for someone who seems to be going to through a relapse such as myself. There was too much cigarette smoke, a confining space and hardly any room to stand. It all made for a very unhappy Aaron.

At about 12:30 or so, I felt so very thirsty and hungry so I took Fox and I to our favorite Dennys; the one on 22nd and Alvernon. I had my usual; a Mushroom Swiss burger with a Boca patty. It was good and all, but for some reason I felt worse. I kept blowing my nose, yet I still felt all stuffed up. I also couldn't shake this one feeling of being incredibly exhausted despite the fact that I hadn't done anything all day that would make me particularly tired.

I have to go to work tomorrow (or later, whatever), and I'm kinda looking forward to that, because I've been cooped up too much or without much to do. But, then I'm not looking forward to it because it's work. I think I've reached the point of disenchantment with Info and I should seriously start looking for another job. The problem with that though, is that I have car payments that are going to make me have to look for a job that'll get me as much of a paycheck as I get already.

I'm also feeling so very alone in the world. I know that a few entries back I talked about this wonderful guy that likes me, but he's nowhere near me and it's not always convenient to talk to him when I'm feeling lonely. *Sighs* It's definitely times like this when I could certainly use a shoulder to cry on or at least a warm and welcoming set of arms to take me and embrace me. It's those seemingly simple things that I don't have that make me wonder at times just where the f*ck the logic is in that. Me not having it and all. I don't even know if I'm making sense anymore...

I think my Tylenol Cold pills are taking effect now. At least sleep is something I can always trust to look forward to.

~A (I can't take it, I don't understand)


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