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{Fri5 - 19 Sept. '03}
19 September 2003 @ 4:10 PM

BGM: "Let Down" by Radiohead
Wanting: something to do!
Wearing: dark blue ON tee w/blue stripes, grey WF1 shorts

I stumbled across this fab site from Oscar's diary, and since I don't have much to say on my own, I'll fill it with this swank stuff.

1. Who is your favorite singer/musician? Why?
Okay, we all know the obvious, it's Coldplay. But there's more than just them. There's also U2 and Jimmy Eat World. The reason why I love them all so much is because they all have this really great and emotive sound to their songs. CP has the overall best sound and most stirring emotions. U2 has the yearning and urgency in their sound. While JEW has the fire that makes me either want to get up and dance or sing out their songs at the top of my lungs.

2. What one singer/musician can you not stand? Why?
This could take all day, so I'll just say the one off the top of my head right now: Hillary Duff. I used to think she was cute and all, not that I ever saw her show. Now, though she seems like a pretentious, primadonna that thinks she's all that. If this girl wants to avoid her own Behind the Music (That Sucks) episode before she hits 18, she better CONTROL herself.

3. If your favorite singer wasn't in the music business, do you think you would still like him/her as a person?
Actually, I think if Coldplay weren't musical, then their preachiness and whatnot would probably grate on me after a while. And the members of Jimmy Eat World are all Mormon (I don't know if they're strict about it or not, though). Not to say that I don't get along with Mormons, I just don't mix well with zealous people of faith. So, I think the only ones that I would certainly get along with are U2, they're just that damn awesome.

4. Have you been to any concerts? If yes, who put on the best show?
I've only been to one concert: Sugar Ray's at the U of A's Centennial Hall. It wasn't all that.

5. What are your thoughts on downloading free music online vs. purchasing albums? Do you feel the RIAA is right in its pursuit to stop people from dowloading free music?
Though I do love KaZaA and such file-sharing programs, stealing does suck, no matter how you look at it. Given that though, I think this whole RIAA derrame is a response to the greediness of the music industry in the first place. I remember way back when before CDs were commonplace, people said that their advent would be cheaper and the switch would be not only a technologically sound one, but one that would be easy to make also. But here we are, with CDs outpricing cassettes by about an average of $5 a pop. And also, many (mostly mainstream pop) musicians today don't put out an entire album's worth of good stuff; only a few songs are worth listening to, so it would make sense to only pay for (or in this case "get") what you like without the other stuff that you don't want to listen to. This isn't an easy issue with a clear-cut answer. But that's how I feel.

~A (Let down and hanging around)


{God Save the Queens}
19 September 2003 @ 12:22 AM

BGM: "Crazy In Love" by Beyoncé (thanks a lot Fox!)
Wanting: a sceptre and tiara
Wearing: grey ON 'LA' shirt, light blue FTL boxer-briefs

I think the truth has finally become clear to me. For a while, its felt like I've avoided and had others and myself don the rose-tinted sunglasses and make me think that I'm just not giving life a chance.

Case in point was when I posted this beaut of an entry, after getting a long IM conversation of encouragement from sweetness Jono. I felt totally different from the dark and self-pitying mood that I had adopted as normal for a while leading up until that.

Not that I'm taking anything away from people like Jono that actually give a damn about my mental and emotional well-being, I actually adore them for such a gesture in the first place. But what I've come to find - and in finally making a damn point in this entry - is that I'm not the "good renegade Catholic boy" that I played up on for such a long time. Rather, I think that I'm really a (and I'm going to quote another IM session I had with Jono tonight): "b*tch in innocent's clothing." And while it's not something that I take pride in - though this DOES put me at one step closer to being a queer stereotype - it's also not something that I'm going to shy away from; not anymore.

And I'm not going to become some tactless b*tch like that one blonde guy from "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" that ironically has no fashion sense, but I'm just going to be a little more assertive and try to not be everyone's whipping boi.

*Stands tall and proud*

~A (So for all of you labellists out there who are pulling your hair out about what to call me? I'm jaded but hopeful.)


{Penny for my thoughts}
17 September 2003 @ 11:20 PM

BGM: "Rapture" by Iio
Wanting: to be friends with Gabe and Tycho
Wearing: white ON polo-style shirt w/blue stripe, tan WF1 cargo pants

I've been reading a lot of Penny Arcade as of recently. It's quite sad. Not the comic, but the fact that I've been dedicated a lot of my frivolous online time to reading it. I only discovered it a few weeks ago (my friend David from work gave me the link to it) and since then I've read nearly all the strips since '98. It's really good. That, and MegaTokyo, but I haven't read that too lately.

But yeah, I just thought that this week's entries lacked a pointless filler entry like this one.


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~A (Rapture tastes so sweet)


{[Insert my name here], the Etymologist}
17 September 2003 @ 2:43 AM

BGM: "Hey ya!" by Outkast
Wanting: a cool new name
Wearing: dark blue Standford boxer-briefs

It's half-past too-damn-late and I'm still up. What gives? Actually, as I do the math in my head, it works out as a pretty accurate log of all the time I've spent since early this evening to right now with me typing this in. These are all approximations:

4:30PM: I'm off from work
4:45PM: I get home
4:50-6:00PM: I manage to waste all this time online (mostly checking my diary and reading online comics)
6:00PM: I actually pull myself away from the computer and flop down onto bed, and attempt to get a well-deserved nap
6:15PM: As I was already well on my way to Happy Dreamland (I was drooling a bit, a definite sign!), Dorian calls me to see what's up as far as hanging out
6:25-ish PM: I've changed out of my work clothes and head out the door
6:40PM: I randomly go the Sprint PCS store and decide to randomly pay my bill
7:00PM: I leave the store, after realizing that my phone bill wasn't due yet
7:10PM: I arrive at Dorian's place
7:25PM: We decide to rent some movies from Casa Video
7:35-8:30ish PM: We pick out our movies, get some food, some Starbucks and head over to my place
8:30ish-8:50PM: Dorian talks to a friend on her phone, Fox and I waste time doing other stuff while we wait for her
8:50-10:50PM: We watch 8 Women - an excellent movie (French with subtitles and very cute musical numbers! Kireii!)
10:50PM: We head over to Something Sweet (a dessert bistro) so Fox and Dor can get some homework done
11:50PM: Something Sweet closes, and we all decide to call it a night
12:10AM: Fox is dropped off*
12:20AM: Dorian is dropped off*
12:40AM: I get back in
12:45AM: I put in Oh! My Goddess!*
1:30-ish AM: The anime finishes and I go to my room
1:30-ish to now: Inspired by the events and stuff that we talked about the evening, I do a little online sleuthing, while folding my laundry

*While taking Fox and Dorian home, we talked about names, name origins and name changes. I was surprised to find that I wasn't the only one to have such an interest in name meanings and stuff. Well, Dorian's easy, given that she came up with her kick-ass name. But Fox and I decided to go get our names changed together when we both have the money to blow on it. Because let's face it, Aaron isn't much of a "me" name. Fox and I agreed that it belongs more to a blonde, surfer-typed, dumb jock (no offense to any other Aaron's that might be reading this). I always get reminded of that exact guy on The Real World: Los Angeles (not that I saw it the first time around, but I saw the reruns). And you cannot tell me otherwise. I need a name that's stronger, but more fitting of my image, and something that won't easily be mistaken for any similar sounding names when I say it (Eric, anyone?).

Which brings me to another thing. While watching the anime and surfing online, I was looking up names and their meanings and making notes, should I come across something that I really like. So far there are several names that I like, but couldn't see myself staying with for the rest of my life. Then there are names that I can admire, but can't see myself adopting for myself. This is a very hard choice to make, indeed. I'm thankful that I don't have to come up with something immediately, like some people have had to. But I'm sure that given enough time to think about it, I'll come up with something superbly super that'll sound somewhere between Hollywood actor/musican and porn star. I think that's the range that I hope to achieve.

PS: I don't get how all these other Super 9-5ers and Invulnerable College Students do it. I mean, at any given time, I probably have enough caffiene coursing through my veins to run the entire population of Seattle for a week (what with all the Starbucks drinks and Cokes), and I STILL act like a big o' PMSy grump when I don't my eight hours of sleep per night! Maybe my body loves sleep a lot more than I give it credit for. But anyway, I just needed to get this all out of my system before turning in.

~A (Cuz I won't remember)


{Apartment stuff and kitty's passing}
15 September 2003 @ 11:28 PM

BGM: "My Only Love" from Sailor Moon
Wanting: for Fox's kitty to come back
Wearing: grey ON ringer, black and grey Spalding shorts

I had a wonderful night out with my brother. He called to let me know what he thought of the few apartments that I had selected for his approval, from there I told him that we should make a night of it and get a bite to eat and go check out the complexes closer to my part of town.

After a light dinner at Jason's Deli, we drove around looking at the various locales in Tucson's lower eastside. From the ones that we saw (which were quite a few), I think the last one of the evening was the best. The name of it escapes me at this moment, but it's a very cute little set-up. It's a three-story complex with a good amount of palm trees, a pool with a fountain and a very nice-looking clubhouse. Moreso, it has three-bedroom floorplans and is so reasonably priced. Best of all, it's right near to everywhere I need to be! Sweetness achieved!

Now the only thing that's left is Orlando's seal of approval and David's confirmation.

Here's a quiz that I've already taken, but retook since two of my friends posted their results in their own latest entry. Enjoy!


The ULTIMATE personality test
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{This is what I got tonight, it seems to fit well}


The ULTIMATE personality test
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{This is what I originally got, which if you ask me, is strikingly true}

Oh, and on a sad note, dear Fox's cat Amaranth has passed. I know that my sadness is nothing compared to Fox's right now, but it is still a very tragic thing to have happened. He was very special and will always be missed.

~A (In my heart you'll stay)


{Three's company, four's just perfect!}
14 September 2003 @ 10:22 PM

BGM: 'Tuxedo Mirage' from Sailor Moon
Wanting: to be able to do the roommie thing!
Wearing: same as earlier

So it seems like there might be the need to modify the moving out plan. As it turns out, David (my friend from work) is moving back from Scottsdale. As enviable as I was of his living conditions, I guess having the whole house to himself was just too much for him.

Anyway, since he did me a good turn and invited me to go with him - which apparently still stands as he told me that I should move up there with him when I expressed wavering interest in it today - I told him that I'd love it if he were to come live with me. David said that he'd talk to his friend about going back, but I told him that things might be cheaper with me, so I think he'll be inclined to go with my offer. Now, the housing sitch is already gonna be Orlando, Ivan, and I (and possibly Dad when he comes out), so the original two-bedroom plan is out. Now we need to step it up to a three-bedroom.

The one glaring problema is finding a suitable space for the four of us that's reasonably-priced, close to where I need to be for work (cuz Ivan and Orlando are flexible), and preferrably have some of the utilities included in the rent. Yeah, big order to fill.

Let's get crackin'!



{Give me my pink slip or so help me...}
14 September 2003 @ 1:57 PM

BGM: random Dashboard songs
Wanting: to be able to go through with my fantasy's desire
Wearing: Coldplay concert shirt, WF1 shorts

Today feels like a good day to quit your job. Not that I'm advocating it, or that I'll do it myself...

I just thought that I'd put forth my thoughts on the mood of the day.

~A (Try not to be wrong)


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