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{What more, in the name of love}
04 October 2003 @ 11:28 AM

BGM: "Pride (In The Name of Love)" by U2
Wanting: a kid-swatter
Wearing: red two-tone ON shirt, tan WF1 cargo pants

Today is the day... hopefully before the sun goes down (which is increasingly earlier nowadays), I'll have been all moved back in here to the house on President Street.

I've been up since 8:00-ish this morning. Which means that it's only been about three hours and I feel like I've already gotten so much done that I want to collapse.

After taking Mina in to the shop to get worked on, Nana and I went to do some various errands and had some breakfast at McDonald's, after that, we went home. Now not even two hours here at the house, I already have decided that I detest children and that my uncle who confides in me about my brother's various escapades that worry him is a complete and utter jerk. He made me look bad in front of his two very annoying and impressionable toddler daughters. I think this shall be a visage of the things to come living here again. That being as it may, I can only pray to the gods that my tenure here will be as short and as sweet as humanely possible.

Oh, and big lucky for me; I got tomorrow off! *Dances around a bit, then collapses* Maybe I should shower and/or try to take a nap to see if that'll help me.

~A (One man come, he to justify)


{Much higher! Much stronger! Cheerleader Invernal!}
03 October 2003 @ 12:13 PM

BGM: "Carry On" from Sailor Moon (English version)
Wanting: sleep
Wearing: white ON polo-style shirt w/blue stripes, grey ON trek cargo shorts

Arrgh... stupid computer (or Diaryland) ate my first attempt at this entry. I've lost the want to try again with this, so I'll make it short.

-New diary look. Sleek. Stylish. Possibly a little too much neon blue. It's okay for now.

-Mina's sick. Going to car doc mañana. She'll have to suffer through today.

-Need to get my paycheck from work and hopefully go back to Matt's house and finish packing my stuff.

-I think that with Dorian's help, I've finally decided on a name, so my initials may very well be GXF or GXH, I'm not 100% sure yet.

-Been listening to way too much Sailor Moon songs. Now that I have a means to download stuff, I've been so abusing it.

-I'm so tired. I need sleep.

This week's Friday 5:

1. What vehicle do you drive?
A tempermental, gold '98 Plymouth Breeze named Mina.

2. How long have you had it?
About 10 months now.

3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?
Well, quite literally the AC (this IS Arizona after all), either that or my flashing red/blue-light CD player.

4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?
It has a nasty habit of not loving me.

5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?
Hmm... either a Honda Civic, Accord or CRV or maybe even a Mini (they're kawaii!)

~A (With all our strength the battle's won)


{"All art is quite useless"}
02 October 2003 @ 6:42 PM

BGM: "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" by The Smiths
Wanting: big-city life
Wearing: midnight blue ON button-up, dark grey ON cargo pants

Yay October! So, I'm here at my old computer - the one that my brother laid claim on when I moved out - the HP that I would bitch about to no end in my previous incantation. I guess I miss it, though the colors are too saturated; this diary is near impossible to read! I guess now I know why everyone always brings that to my attention. I guess another html overhaul is in need.

Speaking of overhaul, my poor Mina continues to suffer. Now whenever I brake and am stopped, she shudders and when I try to accelerate, she kinda jerks and stalls a bit before she gets going. With every new problem that she gives me, the more I can't stand the thought that I was viciously blood-sucked by those jerks at the dealership. Next car (whenever that may be), will definitely be worth every cent, and I will unleash the Canine-American (read: bitch) in me. Anyway, I have to see if I'll get a chance to take her in to get fixed this weekend.

Nextly, I was hanging at Dorian's place on Tuesday night and she offered to help me find lodging and work for when I move up to Seattle (assuming I go it alone). And to my delight, the cost of living would be averaged out if I took the $14 an hour job as a Nintendo customer-service rep. Of course, a Seattle studio costs somewhere in the upper $600 area, which isn't the cheapest, but to live downtown, it's so worth it. And like Dorian said, there's really no "bad part" of town there.

We furthered the search also, she said that it would also be very feasible for me to go to Vancouver (Canada) and boat it across to S-Town. That'd be cool, considering it's not only cheaper to live there, but the place where lots of movies are filmed. Pluses all around!

I'm totally bored and done at Matt's house. I'd like to be gone tonight, but there's some stuff that still needs to be packed away and I'm so not up for doing that right now. I'd sooner rather pay someone else to do the dirty work for me.

I want to leave now!!!

PS: On the same night, Dorian lent me some books (cuz I've been yearning to claim a favorite author). She lent me The Vampire Lestat, another book on vampires whose title escapes me at this moment and The Picture of Dorian Gray. I've started with the latter and I surprised myself by getting to chapter 8 already. It's a very engrossing book and I'm happy that I'm not missing any of the humor and that I'm following it with ease.

~A (Haven't had a dream in a long time)


{Electric blue Monday}
29 September 2003 @ 9:53 PM

BGM: "Blue Monday" by Orgy
Wanting: a one-way ticket to a major city in the Pac-NW
Wearing: black Coldplay concert t-shirt, olive ON trek cargo pants

I'm in a rut... I promised myself that I wouldn't make become enslaved to the ILC here at the University, yet here I am just wasting time. You know, even though I did pretty much the same thing at home, at least it was home. I'm not looking forward to driving all that long way with nothing to look forward to but maybe some Sailor Moon on tape and getting to sleep. That's pretty much it. But you wanna know the worst thing about these stupid public computers? There's no way I can download or use AIM on them! How worthless!!!

I wonder how those that have gone without internet for so long manage. I'm about ready to pounce on the next Kelli that looks at me wrong (not that I need much provokation, though). Eh... it's just for the week. Hopefully, I'll get all my packing done and maybe I'll be back at grandma's house and comfortable and all nice fluffy spring puppy stuff.

Oh, speaking of grandma, I totally felt awesome over what she told me the other day. Mom called and they were speaking, somehow, they came to the subject of me. Grandma said I was totally with the right idea about wanting move out of state. I think that she's gotten her innate nana-sense to figure out that I'm just wasting away and am trapped here. She even went as far as to suggest that same thing to Mom! Crazy, huh? Though in a perfect world, I would love to take my mom with me wherever I went.

But I feel good about her having said that. I know it's all grandmothers' duty to support their grandchildren and whatnot, but they're also supposed to make sure that they don't make dumb choices, so some of my insecurities and whatnot about the impending life-altering change are quelled.

Now the only thing that can possibly kill me right now is my impatience.

PS: How do you like the neon touch-ups? I like ^_^

~A (If it wasn't for your misfortune, I'd be a heavenly person today)


{Just a little longer, please?}
28 September 2003 @ 7:50 PM

BGM: "Hey Ya!" by Outkast
Wanting: salvation
Wearing: same as earlier

I don't want to leave the ILC for fear that I might not find anything worth doing once i step outside...

*Sigh* I guess I'm just delaying the inevitable. Oh well, I'm off to do absolutely nothing...

PS: I don't fancy myself being a slave to a public computer, so until I regain regular use of the Internet on my own, entries might be sparse.

~A (Alrightalrightalrightalrightalright...)


{Smokin' the roaches}
28 September 2003 @ 6:27 PM

BGM: some Orgy song that I can't think of the title
Wanting: something to do!
Wearing: midnight blue ON button-up shirt, black AZ Jean Co. carpenter pants

So where have I been? Here. Well, not really "here," since "here" where I'm typing this is the ILC at the U of A. I've been around. I've been okay. I've been fabulous, dahlings. But I've gotten my Internet disconnected at casa de Matt's house in the advent of my moving back to grandma's. It really sucks though, I mean, I really wanted to do some admin. stuff here on my diary.

Anyway, I took today off from work in the understanding that I was going to meet with Fox, Domino, Matt and maybe some other people to do another reading of the script for Fox's movie, one extra session that we had decided to put together for the latter two people I metioned. But Matt had to be called into work and Fox wasn't anywhere to be found.

Feeling more than a little cheated out a perfectly good day's off, I commanded my vehicle to take me here, where I've spent the better part of two hours rearranging my diaryrings pages. Why, you ask? Because I'm crazy! MUA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Well, that I've nothing better to do.

So, is it just me or does the most diary-worthy shiet happen when you DON'T have access to tell about it? Well, here's my proof of that:

Late last night, after... *trails off as he sees a really cute and buff Native-looking guy with a ponytail walk by*

AHEM! Excuse me, geez, it's so hard to get anything done here where there are all these... *trails off again as the same cute guy walks by again and lingers by a printing station for a few minutes*

*minutes of silence*

Huh?? Oh, *slaps himself* right... see what I mean? I am such a manhound, it's so not funny!

Anyway, before I just lose it, I better get with the story...

As I was lying in bed, making a present for Jono (who's birthday is coming!), I was minding my own business when what should intrude on my presence and nearly make me do a Serena wail* but a f*cking COCKROACH!!!

The moment I see it's ugly three-inch long body complete with creepy, independently-moving antennae, I scream (a very manly one, I'll have you know), thrust the materials I was using for Jono's present and jump off the bed. From there, la cucaracha knows that he's so not invited and goes into hiding. I, on the other hand am freaked the frig out and I stand next to the doorway to my room keeping an omnipotent eye for the little bugger while clutching myself (because that's what I do when I'm scared).

So after what seems like hours, but only actually minutes, I finally see the little freak hanging about a small pile of shoes and a few plastic bags. I grab an older shoe from an adjacent pile that I deem expendable as my murder weapon. The roach knows that I've just put a death clock above its beady-eyed little head and tries to make a run for it under some junk. Powered by a sudden inexplicable surge of masculinity, I push aside some of the stuff that the roach seeks cover under (an empty Aquafina bottle), and proceed to swat with the shoe. Unfortunately, this valiant effort was pretty much in vain, as I attempted to kill it with my right hand; my non-dominant, less-dexteritous one.

With that, the roach flees under one of my Sketchers, and my machoness is nothing but a memory. I try to regain composure while not letting my target get away and while also trying to re-muster up my manliness.

The rest seems somewhat of a blur, but after another failed attempt, I finally smote the little f*cker good. Now came the really icky part that I really did not want to do; get rid of it. I could not in good conscience just throw it outside and pray that it doesn¡¦t respawn and come back for seconds.

So another stand-off goes on. The supposedly dead roach, and me. Face to face. Man to bug. Creepy to creeped-out. It was in that time that a bid of desperation comes over me and I grab some bleach and try to pour some on it in hopes that it'll ensure it's death. I couldn't bring myself to do that, however. I don't fancy myself THAT heartless, and besides, I didn't know if the fumes would do something to me when I would get to sleep. I finally swept up the carcass onto a Men's Health subscription card and ever so carefully took it to the bathroom to flush it.

It was then that the powers that be decided to f*ck with me a little more. Barely into the bathroom, as I hold the card with the roach as far out away from me as possible, it falls off with blood-curdling splat onto the floor. *Gets chills just remembering that* I whined in my lack for fortune and hoped that there was SOMEONE out there that would be gaining from it, because I'm not for going through sh*t like that in vain.

Anyway, once I reloaded the hearse, I promptly reached the toilet and dumped the not-so-dead roach off. In a sudden attack of sadism, I pull out the bleach and plop some in there with Mr. Cockroach. As I see it start wiggling one of its legs, I flush it down hoping that it doesn't get stuck.

As I see it go down, I notice that there's ANOTHER one silently watching from the side of the sink, wiggling it's independently-moving antennae.

Knowing full well that I would NOT sleep until I see it dead, I open the medicine cabinet and pull out a spray bottle full of fabric softener. I open it up, pour in some bleach and shake the bottle up. I take a deep breath and spray the sink roach with all the fury my index finger can unleash. My efforts however, are in vain, as the roach slips behind the sink and out of my reach.

At that point, I'm far too exhausted to deal with it anymore and I decide to call it a night. I was pretty sure that it wouldn't come into my room, but just to make sure, I sprayed the space right under the door in the bathroom, and cover the one to mine with my blanket. I leave the light on in my room, leave my t-shirt on and wrap myself up in my bedsheet. It was eerily one of the easiest times I had falling asleep.

~A (Take this guilt from me)

*[For fans or anyone familiar with the english dub of Sailor Moon, you know what I'm talking about. For those that aren't, it's a high-pitched scream that's somewhat of a mix between a yodel and the Xena yell. For those not familiar with THAT yell, well, you're on your own.]


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