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{Cuz we're the mullets in America}
24 October 2003 @ 11:53 PM

BGM: some song that mimics a sugar-rush, as that what today seemed like
Wanting: to rid myself of this sudden fatigue
Wearing: black Coldplay concert shirt, royal blue Stanford boxer-briefs

I'm back after a long afternoon/evening of doing random stuff. I left at about 3:30-ish and have been in since 8:00. The tragedy of it all? I've nothing else to do tonight! *Sobs* That's okay, I might just go out to the Safeway on Broadway and Campbell (which is way the fudge north from grandma's house), buy me some soy ice cream (indulgence with only half the guilt), get a latte and maybe even rent a movie. Yeah, that sounds cool...

Anyway, my first stop on my long haul of doing my random Friday stuff was at the main post office on Cherrybell. There, I finally mailed my infernal payments for my eBay victories. Which they will end up taking a grand total about a week to arrive. I guess I can expect a somewhat displeased if any comment on my account from the sellers.

After that began my quest for my Halloween costume. Even though Matt's most likely going to have to work that day (which TOTALLY sucks), we still promised each other that we were going to go in matching outfits and I will be the somewhat Gothy Catholic schoolboy to his Gothy and slutty schoolgirl, dammit! That being said, I first stopped at Hot Topic and picked up some really cute blue plaid pants. Unfortunately, and to be in tune with today's style, it has all of those superflous zippers and overall-y strap thingies on the back of the legs. Which vexes me; I don't know whether I should leave them to keep with the Gothiness or to remove them so as to keep with the Catholicisticnessblah thingy.

After that, I went in desperate search for the short-sleeved, white, Oxford-style shirt and matching necktie. The latter would be much harder to find. I decided to go hit the thrift stores and the *gulps* swap meet. In sweet retrospect, that was such a horrendous-and-a-half idea. I should've known that I on a Friday afternoon I would encounter the tasteless, unwashed, mullet-clad masses that encompass the entirety of Middle America. I was living in hell. I could not make my unsucessful retreat fast enough.

From there, I decided to take some looks about the thrift shops on the way. And I could not believe that I could not find a simple shirt or tie to go with my pants. I just about gave up and decided that I'll put more into getting it all done tomorrow.

Yargh... I started typing this entry at about 8:30 and I've just been all over the place, literally and figuratively. So all my energy's gone. But that's pretty much it. I'm going to curl up and watch... something, whatever good I can find. I guess I'll save the video and the trip to Safeway until tomorrow, as a recourse if nothing happens.

*Yawns* I'm really tired.

Oh, and I created my first diaryland survey, so to all you fellow d-landers out there; take it! Like it! Please!

Here are some semi-gothic quiz results to go with the night's semi-gothic tone:

You are Form 3, Unicorn: The Innocent.

"And The Unicorn knew she wasn't meant to
go into the Dark Wood. Disregarding the advice
given to her by the spirits, Unicorn went
inside and bled silver blood.. For her
misdeed, the world knew evil."

Some examples of the Unicorn Form are Eve
(Christian) and Pandora (Greek).
The Unicorn is associated with the concept of
innocence, the number 3, and the element of
water. Her sign is the twilight sun.

As a member of Form 3, you are a curious
individual. You are drawn to new things and
become fascinated with ideas you've never come
in contact with before. Some people may say
you are too nosey, but it's only because you
like getting to the bottom of things and
solving them. Unicorns are the best friends to
have because they are inquisitive.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

{My little pony...}

Night Walker
Night Walker, the second class of vampire. You are
depressive and introverted, making it hard to
reach you. Your servants are very few, because
you do not like to take prisoners. Your powers
are comprised of shadow magic. You are lonely
deep down inside, but won't let others see your
true self. You should try to open up more

What class of vampire are you? (more new images!)
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{So, minus the fangs and whatnot, I guess I'm ALREADY a vampyr...}

~A (And you know that the moment you step outside your door, the whole world's gonna laugh at you)


{You, oh you really should've known}
24 October 2003 @ 2:00 AM

BGM: "Just Because" by Jane's Addiction
Wanting: sleep!
Wearing: same as earlier

I couldn't help myself. I could've sworn that I had made a silent vow to myself to not put myself and others at risk for such horrible behavior. The first time was full of pain as it was, whatever demon possessed me to even dare venture through it again is beyond me.

Okay, so I did karaoke again. This time, it was at The Biz. Thursday nights are their karaoke nights and once again, IBT's was SO not the place to be. What's a single and slightly-obviously desparate gay boi to do than to go where he can draw the most attention to himself? How about to a bar that's intended mainly for lesbians but is usually sporting a very healthy gay male populartion? Sounds like as good a place's as any.

Aside from running into a very cute girl that I knew from high school, the events that filled the time that wasn't me sounding like a mixture of a baby being beaten by with a cat was really uneventful, so I'll spare you.

Once I got up there, my heart was in my throat. Unlike Woody's, which was mainly men, this was The Biz and there were many a scary dyke there and I didn't want to do something that would merit me getting cut, so it was verily high on the nerve-racking. Anyway, I hit a low with the song I've chosen and forever soiled it's good name. When I was looking in the song book, I almost squealed like a schoolgirl on speed when I came across "Clocks." For whatever possessed me at that moment, I could not let myself go without NOT getting that song.

Finally, when my turn came up, I sang it to the best that I could. Keep in mind that as I was doing so, I was combatting nervousnesss, trying to placate a strong urge to please and trying to emote as much needed for the song. So in short, I sucked big, floppy donkey wang. It was then and there that I decided that though I still haven't learned my lesson (I DO seem to have a thing for punishing myself... as well as others within earshot), next outing I will start my set with a U2 song. I think that I have just the right pitch to nail Bono's voice and come off sounding more natural. Actually, I really wanted to sing Jane's Adddiction's "Just Because," only because it's so been my current obsessive song (BTVS musical soundtrack nonwithstanding).

Oh, I'd also like to note that there was this really awesome performance by this petite little suggestion of a girl that couldn't have been more than five feet tall. She managed to belt out Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" a hell of a lot better than the original version. Everyone in the bar was thoroughly impressed. I think I fell in love with her, if not at least with that song (I'm so evil!).

But, I must away to bed, I should get up early and do some shopping. Now that Matt's gotten his Halloween outfit (at Fascinations, no less!), I must seek the male equivalent, and Hot Topic is the only place I've seen some decent plaid pants. They are however, in true goth fashion, so I will need to remove the chains and have someone that knows their stuff with a needle take them in quite a bit. Also, I should go to the post office so that I can personally mail off my payments to the people that I won stuff from eBay. They're heading out of the country, so I need to know what the appropriate postage is. Savvy?

~A (That was a long time ago)


{I have pilates at the crack of "why am I up?"}
23 October 2003 @ 8:42 PM

BGM: "Gamemaster" by Paul Oakenfold
Wanting: a working CD player!
Wearing: midnight blue ON button-up, grey slacks of a currently-unknown-to-me-brand

GAH! Where have I been? Jeez, it seems like a few millennia since I've attempted at a decent entry; not that I'm making any promises with this one, but let's see how it all plays out.

So I've been a total zombie for the past week with my missing out on sleep hours. At my most exaggerated estimates, I would say that I've missed out on a grand total of a whole night's worth of sleep (approx. eight hours!). That is so unbelievable! I mean, I'm the sandman's beeotch, he'll whip me for this act of insolence for sure! But I've been out with everyone like every single day of the week, and that's taken it's toll on me, physically, mentally and ecumenically? My horoscope told me on this bright morning (as I decided against my better judgment to check THAT out rather than be on time for work), that I should only do what I feel like doing. And quite frankly, I probably would've still done the same thing all week, because I've wanted to be out. I want to not here at my house all the time. That's just not cricket.

Anyway, I made up for it by taking another one of those oh-so-orgasmic three-hour naps once I got home this evening. Now I'm as refreshed and bright and fluffy as a daisy and I'm ready to step out. Oh, and Big Lucky for me; I got my Buffy CDs in! I'm so happy...! But then, I realized that my car stereo is still broken. Still, I'm determined to make the best of it, thank Alanis for Discmans.

I'm off!

~A (Embracing the goddess energy within yourselves will bring all of you to a new understanding and valuing of life)


{The soft dive of oblivion}
21 October 2003 @ 5:25 PM

BGM: "How's It Gonna Be" by Third Eye Blind
Wanting: my theory to not be true
Wearing: dark blue ON long-sleeve button shirt, hunter green ON 'NY' tee, black AZ Jean Co. carpenter pants

Well, ain't this some fine mess that everyone else is in. I tell you, this has to be a curse or something that's been placed on my friends. For the longest time I've thought that all the instances in which my little hypothesis has held true was just some cosmic coincidence, but this latest incident has only cemented it in certainty.

Take for example, Ruben. According to Dorian, he's been ailing with something mysterious for about two weeks already and won't do anything about it. It's way strange.

Then there's other stuff too that I don't know if I should mention involving others, not without their permission anyway. And all of these things add up to some weird set of instances where everyone but me is miserable. Hell, I mean, I had a comparably good day. On the way home, I actually was fortunate enough to come across several blocks of good songs on the radio that invoked me to sing like an idiot (not unlike the way I did at karaoke night on Sunday)!

This logically leads me to conclude, is it something to do with me? Am I the one that's causing wretched luck and despair to my friends and feed off it without me even realizing it? It just seems too much of a coincidence to ignore.

This bears further scrutiny...

~A (Wanna get myself back in again)


{Stars on Oracle Rd.}
20 October 2003 @ 1:43 AM

BGM: "'Til I Hear It From You" by The Gin Blossoms
Wanting: to be able to sleep all day tomorrow
Wearing: Hanes wifebeater, Levi's button-fly jeans

Tonight was entertaining. Fox and I were supposed to meet Ceci (a lesbian friend of ours) at The Biz, but she decided to make it a night in, so we were left to our own devices. We decided to slum it a little and since IBT's was deader than a Creed concert, we decided to traipse onto new territory and head over to Woody's, a gay bar that caters somewhat more to the older crowd (30-somethings and up). We got lucky, it was karaoke night!

Now, call me crazy, but I have an aversion to making an ass out of myself, so I was a bit hesitant to get up there and belt some Cher song like a nelly queen. But somehow, I actually got up the testicular fortitude and got myself out there. It must've been because I thought that I couldn't do much worse than Fox's rendition of Jewel's "Foolish Games". Poor guy, the karaoke version was way differnt than the soundtrack, so I felt for him. Even the other patrons were egging him on. But, he still deserves an "A" for effort.

As for my outing, I decided on something a lot more conservative and closer to my actual pitch (though I do it all the time by myself, singing falsetto is not something that I care to subject others too), so I chose The Gin Blossoms' "Until I Hear It From You". It was really cool, Fox was my back-up. I really can't tell how I did, because I faced the monitor the entire time and away from the rest of the crowd. Though the bar was emptier by the time I finished. I don't think that's a good thing, but I don't think I did that bad either. I don't know, it didn't occur to me to ask Fox what he thought.

That was the extent of my activities. We would've karaoked more, but because we wasted time at the other bars and the fact that we didn't get out and about until about 10, we didn't have time to do more. It's a shame too, because I was all set to do some Billy Idol, Third Eye Blind and even some U2; who knows, maybe I'll even throw in some Neil Diamond *sings:* Sweet Caroline...

Next week I'll get to it, definately.

~A (I'll just figure everything is cool)


{Pretty Loafer Sailor Invernal}
19 October 2003 @ 1:45 AM

BGM: Kirai*Sailor Dream - Opening theme from PGSM
Wanting: a paid day off
Wearing: midnight blue ON tribal tattoo tee, black Hanes boxer-briefs

Normally, I'd say that this weekend was a complete and utter waste. But, I've resigned myself to the fact that I cannot always count on others to keep me entertained and I should just deal with it. In short, yeah, today was a total stinkbomb.

I did, however, hang out with Matt. Remember him? Well, he actually just called me to use me, or rather, my car. He didn't even offer me sex as an exchange for my services, how rude! Just kidding...

Anyway, the two of us were on the hunt for some running gear for him, for tomorrow (later today, whatever), he will participating in AIDS Walk. So I obliged him and took him to locales in which he could purchase such apparel. Being the über-bohemian that he is, at his request we tried the thrift shops on 4th Ave. first. Not at all to my surprise, there weren't any. So from there, we took matters into my own hands and I took him to the Target on the southside, seeing as Wal-Mart and K-Mart are no longer options to him (Why? Ask him yourself). There, he found what he was looking for (I rarely disappoint), and I got something out of it too, a really cool white, with blue and black plaid-ish pattern Phys.Sci. button-up shirt. It worked out all good for the two of us.

That was the extent of what I did with Matt *snaps fingers in a swiping motion* At home, I've spent too much time in front of this computer, typing up my bio page that's finally up and wasting time on the Sailor Senshi Page, watching clips from the new live-action Sailor Moon TV show in Japan and listening to the theme song on repeat for like an hour. It's really pretty. Here below are the translated lyrics, with the English loan-words in CAPITALS:

A person is always a JEWEL
To wear on my body a LOVELY CHARM
To continue living is to try a CHANCE
Because I'm here it's a strong dream
Gan! Gan! Let's kick our way through this RIVAL infested daylight
Rather than a smile, or a kiss, let's beat them with a love BEAM move!
Turn into me, shining SAILOR DIAMOND
At dawn a new journey is born
It's me, so it'll come true, STARLIGHT PRAYERS
Let's MAKE-UP! This sparkle in my heart
Sailor Senshi, that is MOONLIGHT MIRACLE*

~A (Moonlight miracle)

*Yeah, I know, in English they sound rather odd. But trust me, they're much prettier in Japanese.


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