Big city dreams for a small-city boy

19 October 2003 @ 1:35 AM

BGM: ***
Wanting: ***
Wearing: ***

Name at birth: Aaron Jose J______

Nicknames/aliases: Invernal, AJ, Aare, GXF

Date, time and location of birth:
Saturday, 13th of March, the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-two at approximately 5:43 in the morning at Tucson Medical Center in Tucson AZ, USA.

Astrological signs: Pisces sun, Scorpio moon, Pisces ascendant

Blood type: O

Height: 180cm

Weight: 124kg

Hair: Varies; naturally dark brown, currently shoulder length and wavy

Eyes: Brown

Body art: No tattoos (yet), four ear piercings (two on each ear)

Favorite colors: Blue-green, aqua, magenta

Favorite food: Mushroom and pineapple pizza, sushi, Chinese and most any Starbucks drink

Least favorite food: Artichokes, mayonnaise

Gemstone: Aquamarine

Hopes to go to: Seattle WA, Portland OR, Atlanta GA, Vancouver BC (Canada), Ireland, Japan

Bad habits: Talks like a Valley Girl like, at times, tends to feel depressed, spends too much money

Skilled at: Drawing, singing (sp?)

Likes: Dancing, having money

Dislikes: Dealing with people/reality, confrontations

Motto: Lifeís too short to be taken seriously

Played by: Ideally by Joaquin Phoenix, most likely by Kevin Smith

Unique-to-Aaron-fact-when-used-in-conjunction-with-any-other-one #1: I have the hardest time with lip balm. I can never seem to not lose them.

Unique-to-Aaron-fact-when-used-in-conjunction-with-any-other-one #2: I have some fucked-up stigmata-esque curse. I'm always cutting myself, mostly on my hands and arms. A week never goes by without me striking blood at least once.

I have been stuck in this pit-hole for the entirety of my life. For almost as long as that, Iíve been aching to make my escape. High school was way below what I had hoped it would be and in retrospect, Iíd go over and do every day differently. How? I would most likely be more outgoing and try to pal up with either the Ravers or Goths, maybe then Iíd not only be more popular, but also looked physically different, perhaps to be more alluring to the sexes.

In addition, I am a gay (homosexual, a fag, queer, cock jockey, you name it). Now, Iíve been a homo all my life, but didnít start practicing until a couple of years ago. I think I was sure during my first year of high school when I realized that the only reason I liked dressing out for P.E. class was so that I scope everyone else out. Until then, I think I convinced myself that I was bisexual, with more of a preference for the same sex. The only other one that knew about my sexuality was my best friend Alex, only because we both came out as bi to each other in about 7th grade. My younger brother Ivan knew indirectly, mostly due to my sloppiness with propaganda advertising my preference. I came out to my mother in February 2001, who eventually outed me to the rest of the family (dad, and her side). For the most part, they seem to be cool with it; at worst, it is not discussed.

After high school finished, I half-heartedly attended college for 5 semesters in hopes of finding my niche. Throughout that period, I changed my major several times. I went from liberal arts, to psychology, to pharmaceutical, to sociology. Finally, after three years, I have decided on my major; graphic design. I decided that since I adore drawing so much and that since my skills are always improving, I might as well hone them and carve out a career from that. I would like to make my grand return to the institution that is higher learning for the spring semester of 2004, but it may not end up being until the following fall. From there, I plan to move up to the Pacific Northwest, most ideally to either Portland or Seattle, maybe even to Vancouver (British Columbia), for Iíve heard that the cost of living there is substantially less than in the former two.

Right now, that is my focus. To meet the goals that Iíve set for myself, Iíve surrendered myself to the 40-hour work-week population. My family is not one of abundant money and though they are supportive of my decisions, they cannot help with my monetary endeavors. When Iím not busy accomplishing that for myself, I try to spend as much time as I can with my friends. For they share similar mindsets with me and we can usually think of ways to keep ourselves entertained in this small, godforsaken town without rarely having to traverse outside it. Other than that, I keep this diary to help me vent my frustrations and talk about issues relevant to me. These are all tools that I utilize for keeping a level head and quelling my many demons.


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i am... a dancer and a dreamer, latino, gay, a singer, a poet, an artist, a son, a brother, no one's lover, way too obsessed with sailor moon for my own good, a romantic, temporarily unemployed, and too much more to list here

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Sailor Jupiter: who? Sailor Mercury: once was lost, now a geek Sailor Mars: Venus' girltoy Sailor Venus: Mars' daddy

i was always blue-green cuz we are living in a material world...
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