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17 August 2003 @ 1:59 AM

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Ahh... another Sunday, another new omake page. This should be pretty obvious, it's the ABC's of yours truly. I'm working on getting anchored links here, so it's ALWAYS going to be under construction. Still viewable though. Enjoy!


Aaron - Moi, the protagonista, the hero, the big cheese, the man, the myth, the deluisional freak that's behind INVERNAL: The Diary, also the 'Merry' of our group The Hobbits
Ain't Nobody's Bizness - A predominantly lesbian bar near downtown. It's a helluva lot more amazing looking inside than IBT's (known more commonly as 'The Biz')
AJ - A self-given nickname. Short for 'Aaron Jose(ph)' or 'Aaron J(my last name)'
Alanis - Morrisette, Candian sometimes-angry rocker chick (see also God and Dogma)
Alex - My best friend and neighbor from third to ninth grade. Currently living outside of Seattle
Alison - One of my best (and only) girlfriends. Great to talk Sailor Moon about (also goes by 'Ali')
Amazing-looking - My one-liner of choice. Taken from Ally Sheedy in War Games. Usually used to describe something cool or someone hot
Arizona - The 48th state in the Union. Home to my many adventures, sometimes involving LEAVING it
Atlanta - Where Jonathan lives


Bluelaser - My first diary. Now used as a vehicle to vent about the frustrations that the world around me causes
Bois - My predilection
Bryce - Fox's significant other and resident U of A-schooled techno-genius
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The greatest show ever cancelled


Califonia - Exodus destination of choice, more specifically, Southern Cali (see also Los Angeles)
Canalia - Fox's high-school friend. Saw his Prince Albert-ed penis after a night of alcohol-induced debauchery. Cute as hell
Car - My vehicle (see Mina)
Caramel Frappucchino - My weakness. A caramel (duh) infused coffee drink made by Starbucks
Catholic/Catholicism - Birth religion. Non-practising, but still have a soft spot for it in my heart
Cathy - Matt's mother and my FORMER landlady
Coldplay - Really, do I need to say more?
Core group - Now defunct, but used to consist of Fox, Steve, Dorian and I


Dad - Male parental (see also Jos$B!&(Blt;/b>)
Dance Dance Revolution - The #1 most helpful (and fun) arcade game that is aiding me in my quest for thinness (also known as DDR)
Daniel - An awesome friend going back further than Alex. Gotten to know each other better in the past couple of years though. Lives with boyfriend Nick
Dogma - Kevin Smith classic starring Alanis Morrisette as God. Satirizes religion fabulously
Dominic/Domino - Friend. Does drag, known as Sad$B!&(B(pronounced "sah-DAY") Michaels
Dorian - Ex-friend, once went by Shaunda


Emo Seesaw - Concept in which I seem to have the exact opposite emotion(s) as any given or all of my friends. If I'm having a sh*tstain day, everyone else will be all rainbows and puppies, if I have a good day, then someone (or everyone) else will be feeling like death


Favorite regret - The nagging feeling that things would be different should I have attempted to have a teen movie-typed high school experience. I am forever asking myself "What if?"
Fiona - Newbie to the cool Tucson queer familia. She's in Fox's movie that we're currently filming
Fox - One of my best buds. We have the most in common. Has his own diary too (see also TK), also known as the 'Frodo' of our group The Hobbits


Gabe - One of my X-names, used mainly for karaoke
Gloria - Another friend. She's cool, used to be into Sailor Moon, until the third season, for reasons which are best known to her only
God - What Alanis is used in place of. For example, instead of saying "Thank God," I say "Thank Alanis." Simple semantics, no? (see also Dogma)


Heart - Term used in place of 'love' when am expressing my like for someone/thing
Hobbits, The - Group moniker given to us by Fox (Frodo) to the four of us; Steve (Pippin), Matt (Sam) and I (Merry)


IBT's - Originally known as It's 'Bout Time. Tucson's most popular queer bar. Scene of my first drunken experience
ILC - The U of A's mega-huge library/computer lab. Usually where I waste time when I have no immediate internet access of my own
Info - Work. Evil. Good for making the $$$, and cute bois, that's pretty much it
Invernal - Me, my diary, the Latin term for Winter. Also another self-given nickname
Ivan - Little brother. He's cool, we hang and do cool brothers-out-of-high-school things


Jimmy Eat World - Greatest rock band to ever come out of this state. Underrated too. Great to rock out and/or bounce around to
John - The coolest higher-up at Info. He's more like one of us (the lowly CSRs) than one of the pretentious management bastards. I *heart* him (in a non-romantic kinda way)
Jonathan - My Georgia stud. He's so awesome. Also has his own site Also goes by Jono (see also Pixiesticks)
Joseph - My middle name, in English
Jos$B!&(Blt;/b> - My middle name as it appears on my birth certificate. Also my father's name (see also Dad)


K-Kris - Another high-school friend of Fox. Was present during the infamous night at IBT's
Kelli - Generic name thought up by Bryce for every cookie-cutter vapid, hair-twirling, blonde, sorority-looking Daddy's girl (you know the type)
Kevin - Dumb, jockish and over-sexed 'frat boi' types. Most often seen wearing a backwards hat, t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. Drives a Jeep and uses the word "dude" interchangably. The male counterpart to Kelli (see above)


Losbetos - Fast-food Mexican restaurant. Excellent veggie burritos
Lavigne, Avril - A guilty musical pleasure. Liked I'm With You way before it was whored out to the public
Linda - My Team Manager (TM) at work. She's a wonderful person, but I don't like her as a boss
Los Angeles - The land where dreams come true. The official capital of the world through my eyes. Where I want to make my life (see also California)


Martha - My loving mother. Not with me right now, but hope to be reunited with her soon (see also Mom)
Matt - Another good friend and former roommate. Infamously individualistic, and has a blog to chronicle it all, also the 'Sam' of our group The Hobbits
Mina - My gold '98 Plymouth Breeze. Named after Sailor Moon character Aino Minako/Sailor Venus, or for the more 'cultured' it could be in honor of Ms. Harker from Bram Stoker's Dracula
Miranda - Best female friend. To quote her, she "rawks hardcore." Also has her own diary (see also Randix)
Mom - Female parental (see also Martha)
Motels, the - Favorite female-fronted 80s band. Good to listen to when feeling very emo
Mullet(s) - Folicular monstrosities and my weakness (in a bad way), Dorian, Steve and I usually pretend to be mullet-slayers and are always on the lookout for them


Nick - Daniel's boyfriend. An excellent-quality person


Old Navy - Clothing store of choice and most prominent name-brand in my dresser/closet (shortened to 'ON' on my "Currently wearing" field)
Online quizzes - My crutch, cannot resist taking inane tests


Pixiesticks - Jonathan's website
Portland - Largest city in Oregon and Northwestern destination of choice. Site of the 2002 Creating Change Conference, been in love with it ever since
Pretty Guardian Sailormoon - The grand return of my favorite anime ever, in live-action format and modernized! It's like a Sailor Dream come true!


Quatrelenium - Fox's diary


Randix - Miranda's nickname and also her diary
Roommate - See Matt
Ruben - Party diva extraordinaire. He's the inspiration/catalyst for out random adventures


Sailor Moon - First anime to ever be addicted to, and it's still going. Greatest story to ever come out of the mahou shoujo ("magical girl") genre. I *heart* it to no end
Sarcosmic - An Aaron and Matt original. A term used to describe a seriously sarcastic person. It could also be used as a verb or adjective
Seattle - Tied with Portland for Northwestern city that I'd most like to find myself in. Also the city that Alex lives right outside of
Starbucks - Corporate indulgence du jour. Makers of the so-good-it's-probably-illegal-in-some-states Caramel Frappuchino and Vanilla Soy Latte
Steven - Also goes by 'Steve.' Biggest Sailor Moon fanatic out there. Also known as the 'Pippin' in our group The Hobbits, also has his own blog


TK - Fox's nickname
Tucson - The 2nd largest city in Arizona. Home to the University of Arizona and me; it's arguably most bored citizen


University of Arizona - Or sometimes The University or U of A. Area that our Core group always fell back to if we were stuck on ideas of what to do
U2 - First real favorite band. Irish rockers who have so many political causes it's not even funny. Awesome music. Have fans in me and Dorian


Vanilla Soy Latte - Starbucks drink I tried when I was sick so as to not aggrivate my mucus (Yummy!) by having dairy. Also a drink inspired to me by Madonna and Daniel
Veggie burrito - Delicious Losbetos menu item. Consists of beans, red rice, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and optional cheese and sour cream. Lunch break food item of choice


Wicca/Wiccan - Steve's belief-system of choice and the one that holds endless amounts of curiousity in me
Woody's - A gay bar on the upper west side of town that has karaoke on Sundays. Really Cheers-y


X-Name - Psuedonyms that I use to make things easier on myself. For example, I use 'AJ' quite a bit because Alanis forbid people understand me when I say my name is Aaron
Xander - Hottest guy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer


YuYu Hakusho - Anime that has no bearing whatsoever on my life; used only to fill up an otherwise empty letter


Z-Bois - The name that Fox coined us when he, Bryce and/or Matt and I would hang out as a group back in my Bluelaser days. Twas our name, it was


#1 Fantasy - Recurring day-dream where I imagine how wonderful it would be if I were to just abandon EVERYTHING that's tying me down here and just pack off for a long-desired locale (right now the top choices are Seattle or Portland). Usually occurs when I'm under a lot of work-related stress.


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i am... a dancer and a dreamer, latino, gay, a singer, a poet, an artist, a son, a brother, no one's lover, way too obsessed with sailor moon for my own good, a romantic, temporarily unemployed, and too much more to list here

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i was always blue-green cuz we are living in a material world...
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