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31 August 2003 @ 12:45 PM

BGM: ***
Wanting: ***
Wearing: ***

Omake time! This is something that I've created as a way of putting all of my oh-so-addictive quiz results in that won't clutter up my mad writing skillz.

.You did great! You are a Sparkling diamond!
You did great! You are a Sparkling diamond!

Are you a Moulin Rouge expert?
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{But of course!}

You are... OBSESSED!

Are You Obsessed With MOULIN ROUGE?
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{I do still cry at the end, it's so sad! *tears up*}

You freak. You're Harold Zidler, the notorious
owner of the Moulin Rouge that looks like a mix
between Santa Claus and a hobbit on crack. You
spent all your money on electricity for
lighting the damn place and sold your best
dancer to some twerp for redecorating costs!
Geez! Well, despite that, you have a tendancy
to be something of a father figure and are very
protective of those you love. You convince
people of anything you want to and can get
yourself out of tough situations with little
more than a flinch, though you have to do a few
dance steps here and there.

Isn't it spectacular? A Moulin Rouge character quiz.
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{*Dry heave*}


What Moulin Rouge Bohemian Value are you??
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{But above all else, this is a story about love}

Tango De Roxanne
You're: El Tango de Roxanne

What Moulin Rouge Song Are You?
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{Tiger! *Growl*}

You are LOVE

What Moulin Rouge Symbol Are You?
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{*Poignant silence*}

Your Song- You're a hopeless romantic unfailing in your optimism, and absolutely drowning in adorable sweetness.
Your Song

What Moulin Rouge Song Are You?
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{Such is moi}

You are...The completely random Pink Umbrella!!!
Nobody's quite sure where you came from, but
you play a part in that one romantic song part.
You're cute, and nice. YAY!

What Random Object From "Moulin Rouge" Do You Most Resemble?
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{A little out of left field, but okay!}

You are Le Petite Princess!
Le Petite Princess

Which Lesser Known Moulin Rouge Character Are You?
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{Kawaii! I'm so cute!}

hindi wedding
You are the hindi wedding outfit!

Which Moulin Rouge Satine costume are you?
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{I'm so pretty!}miroku
Your Miroku! all that matters in life is who is
going to be your next boyfriend/girlfriend and
where to take him/her next. Not to worry
though, because you are bright and you do your
school work. And hey, you even have a fan club!

What Inuyasha Character are you?
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{Hey, the ponytail and the earring is a dead-on for me}

Time After Time
Which Cyndi Lauper song are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

{Ohh! I *heart* this song so much!}

You are "True Colors." You like to get
down to the heart of the matter and you have a
sentimental streak a mile wide. You know that
every cloud has a silver lining. And you
believe that the best things in life aren't

Which Cyndi Lauper Song Are You?
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{A second opinion}

You are POWER OF GOODBYE..... You're sappy and
sentimental, but very observant of human
behavior. You're logical, but your heart takes
over your head sometimes. Take some advice, go
have a holiday and cheer up!

What Madonna Song are You?
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{*Dreamy wistful state*}

Sweet, cute, and innocent.. or so we think.. You

Which Madonna are you? (With Pictures)
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{*Rolls around on ground wearing a wedding dress*}


Which Madonna Hit Are You?
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{Is this the one where she got all freaky-deaky with an underage mermaid, or merboy, or whatever?}

You are "Goodbye Sky Harbor"

What Jimmy Eat World Song Fits You?
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{Yay, I'm long and depressing!}

You lucky girl, your ideal X2 guy is Pyro!!! He's a
bad boy with a rebellious streak, just the
qualities that turn a girl on. He's got a bit
of a hot temper, so it would be best not to
piss him off. Despite his fiery personality,
he's way cute and has the coolest power too, so
you should be happy.

*-Who is your ideal X-Men guy?-*
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You are Jean Grey! You've been through a lot, but
you're a really powerful telepath/telekinetic.
You live your life trying to help spread the
dream of a peaceful co-existence of humans and
mutants, but your usually too busy for anything

Which X-Men Psychic are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla

{Jean's okay, but I wanted Psylocke dammit!}

You are Psylocke! A very good telepath, you use
your psychic energy to forge it into a blade of
some sort. You have strength, beauty, elegance,
and grace. Needless to say, you're awesome.

Which X-Men Psychic are you most like?
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{Much better!}

You're Remy!

Which member of the 'X-Men Evolution' Brotherhood are you?
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{Dear gods, it took me FOREVER AND A DAY to get him!}

I took the fruity fruit quiz
made by rav-chan
Check out which fruit you are


which smilie are you?


A dreamer is your type. Seen as "not quite
there", you see things that few do. You
make people think, and your friends turn to you
for insight.

A different quiz, what strange type of person are you?
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{But I'm not the only one!}

Which Piercing are you?

{At least I'm somewhat more tasteful that some of the other stuff I've seen

Your ideal mate is Bobby Drake. With his innocent
sweetness and his boyish good looks, how can
any girl go wrong? He's the type of guy to
supply you with all the TLC that you can
handle, and he'll always be there for you when
you need moral support, or just a shoulder to
cry on. Though he is still young, he lacks the
experiences of life, and can be naive.

Who Is Your Ideal X-Men 2 Mate? (ladies only)
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{Mmm... he has the personality and the awesome powers (and he's still kinda cute)}

Your ideal mate is Pyro. He has a hot temper and a
short fuse, so dont tick him off! He has a
strong desire to prove himself and wont
hesitate to show off when he gets the chance.
Don't be surprised if he doesn't show you some
love. Frankly, he couldn't care less about you
and is probably only using you to get ahead.
But he's cute and thats pretty much all that
matters. Right?

Who Is Your Ideal X-Men 2 Mate? (ladies only)
brought to you by Quizilla

{But he has the looks (I didn't actually get him, but I decided to post the results, seeing as he is such a hottie - no pun intended)}

Eres Oz!
Eres Oz. Te mueves por instinto y casi nunca te
falla. Sabes lo que quieres y luchas por ello.

Que personaje de Buffy eres?
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Angel's your hunny!
Your Angel's girl! Keep this one close, his romantic
heart and undying love makes him a keeper,
plus, a hottie!

What Buffy guy is meant for you?
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{Well, he WAS the sexiest male to leave the show}

You are 'Going Through The Motions'!! You feel life
is passing you by, that everyone doesn't
understand you or how you're feeling.

Which 'Once more with feeling' Buffy song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

{The theme of my life, I suppose}

Xander: You're a total goofball. You like to hang
out with your friends and make dumb jokes.
You're only serious in apocalyptic situations.

Which Buffy Character Are You (guys)
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{*Giggles like a schoolgirl*}

You are The Gift!

Which Buffy Episode Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

{The hardest thing about this world is living in it}

You feel like no one listens to you and no one pays
attention, so you are like "Something
Blue." I promise people think you're
important, so don't try any scary spells to
have your will be done.

Which Buffy episode sums up your life?
brought to you by Quizilla

{I've never seen it, sounds accurate, though}

You are "Yellow" by Coldplay

What Coldplay Song Are You?
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{It's truuuue...}

Guy Berryman - He of the thumping basslines. Aloof,
dangerously sexy, somewhat robotic.
Questionable hair.

Which member of Coldplay are you?
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{I'm not obsessed. I'm just strongly passionate}

Which 'Get Fuzzy' Character Are You?

{Yay Satchel!}
Which 'Get Fuzzy' Character Are You?
{Yay Robbie!}

Purple info
Your Heart is Purple

{That's deep}

You Have the Power of Teleportation!

What's Your Magic Power?
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{*Poof!* Be gone!}

You are.. Buffy!

Which Buffy The Vampire Slayer Character are you?
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{I'm the chosen one? Whoa...}

Artificial Android Responsible for Observation and Nullification

{Uh-huh, that's right!}

Intelligent Networked Variant Engineered for Rational Nullification and Accurate Learning

{Whoa, I kick more ass than myself!}

The Lost Soul
The Lost Soul

What sign of the Black Zodiac are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

{I'm such a martyr}

You are Water. You are calm and complex, often
enigmatic, but at times you can be aloof and
distant. You, like Earth, prefer to be alone.
You are intellectual, but sometimes are too
harsh on others. At your worst you are hateful
and deceptive. At your best you are helpful and
a leader of others.

What element do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

{Just call me 'Neptune' *flips hair*}

Water-You can be very soothing, but in a twisted
way you can also be the most excitable of the
elements. You hold your own and don't look to
others to lead very often.

What element should you reign over?
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{Yay! Water again!}


Which US state are you?
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Gay Bear
Gay Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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{The most obvious of the dysfunctional bears}

ICE is your chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You?
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{Ice ice, baby}

Congratulations, you're Seattle, the Emerald City.
What US city are you? Take the quiz by Girlwithagun.

Seattle, Washington

Contrary to popular opinion, Seattle is not as rainy as legend says. It is in fact a charming green jewel with sparkling cerulean water and verdant hills. Its isolation has made it home to free-thinking and independent individuals. Despite having the most millionaires per capita, it still has a small town atmosphere. A small town with lots of coffee that is. Java is an art there. Perhaps it is the coffee that has caused this city to give birth to twisted cartoonists and rock stars.

{My home is the home of Starbucks! Whee!}

Los Angeles, California

Known as the entertainment capitol of the world, LAX is the third largest airport in the world in number of passengers. All 467 square miles of this city are full of art, music, movies, television and fashion. From the mountains to the beaches, tourists flock to this city for the endless entertainment. Home to people from 140 different countries, each section of this diverse city has its own culture.

Congratulations, you're Los Angeles, the City of Angels.
What US city are you? Take the quiz by Girlwithagun.

{It's SO L.A.}

Angel of Love.

What kind of Angel are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

{I look more like a Victoria's Secret Angel}

Which Real World cast member are you?

{Was he the gay one of that season? I so didn't care for the Chicago cast}

Which Sailor Scout are you?

{Huzzah! I love you Michiru-sama!}

Which HP Kid Are You?

{She was kawaii}

Want To Know Which Element You Are?

You are Water!

Stuck between the sky and the ground, you lack

the sudden impulse that Air has but are unable to root yourself down like Earth. Though you have troubles

finishing projects, people can depend on you for the most part (even if it means pulling a few all-nighters).

On the plus side, you are extremely adaptable and thus can adjust to any situation. Sure, you might not like

it, but it doesn't weigh you down.

Best Match: Fire, just enough 'oomph' to keep your interest.

Worst Match: Spirit, you'll be out the door before they make up their minds.

Streea wasted a bunch of time making this test.

{I'm Water, is ANYONE suprised? Cuz I'm not}

Want To Know Which Element You Are?

You are Spirit!

Truly a rare breed, you're calm and thoughtful

but still know how to live life. Things are taken slowly but your large list of experiences (yours as well

as others) can help you adapt to new situations with little trouble or people being hurt. Unfortunately,

you're the most likely to ignore yourself over other people. Emotions rule you, and though you are quick

to kindness, your anger could scare the fiercest of creatures. Learn to relax a bit and live your own life.

Best Match: Fire, they'll pull you out of your shell and teach you plenty of things in life.

Worst Match: Water, they're too intent on their emotions to notice yours.

Streea wasted a bunch of time making this test.

{Hmm... Spirit, that's a new one on me. This was one of those quizzes with a pop-up for every result that you got, so I got this one and water. I guess it should be combined... OOH! I can be Ice! Hells yeah!}

Which era in time are you?

{The 50s were cool. *Like the Fonz* Aaaay}

Which Angel would you be?

{At least the image isn't as smutty as the other angel test}

Which Season are you?

{I *heart* winter!}

what's your battle cry? | | merchandise!

{Well that just ends things on a queer note}

You should be dating a Sagittarius. 22 November - 21 December Your mate is frank and open, optimistic and honest.
Though the Archer can display bouts of
argumentative, impatient and critical
behaviour, he or she is extremely adventurous
in bed.

What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
brought to you by Quizilla

{Well isn't that interesting?}

chain holding jack
Good stuff, you are "Wedding? I love
weddings! Drinks all around." You're the
life of the party and nothing gets you down,
not even certain death at the hands of your
zombie nemesis or the Navy. Come to think of
it, realism isn't your strong suit...

Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

{Hee! They were all good!}

Guy Berryman

Which member of Coldplay are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

{I *heart* him, he's the cutest!}


{where do i start?}
i am... a dancer and a dreamer, latino, gay, a singer, a poet, an artist, a son, a brother, no one's lover, way too obsessed with sailor moon for my own good, a romantic, temporarily unemployed, and too much more to list here

{emotional me}
The current mood of invernal at

{fly me to the moon}

{reach out and touch me}

{i lurve these people}
rb colorkid
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kitty magic

Sailor Luna: Chibi-usa, reenvisioned Sailor Moon: at least this gif has the ponytails hanging properly; BEHIND her Tuxedo Kamen: aka - T3H M45K3D MULL37
Sailor Jupiter: who? Sailor Mercury: once was lost, now a geek Sailor Mars: Venus' girltoy Sailor Venus: Mars' daddy

i was always blue-green cuz we are living in a material world...
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