Big city dreams for a small-city boy

19 July 2003 @ 7:00 PM

BGM: "Sound Barrier" by DJ Micro
Wanting: should be apparent...
Wearing: black bandana, Old Navy ringer, WF1 shorts, flip-flops

Don't you just hate it when all of your friends have other things to do and therefore you can't do anything because you've become so dependent on them for passing the time that you've forgotten to keep yourself entertained? God I hate being so incapable.

morally deficient
Threat rating: Medium. Your total lack of decent
family values makes you dangerous, but we can
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~A (Danger like the flag I wave)


{The Super J Bros.}
19 July 2003 @ 2:11 PM

BGM: "Just Because" by Jane's Addiction
Wanting: more days like this, only in better health
Wearing: blue t-shirt, dark blue swim shorts

I had a lot of fun visiting Mom yesterday. Aside from having to wait for three hours before getting to see her, I really enjoyed the time I spent with my brother.

I treated us to some Starbucks on the way over. Since I'm still sick and hacking up various objects, I thought it would be wise not to aggrivate it by getting something overflowing with dairy. Instead, I opted for a Vanilla Soy Latte, a drink brought to my attention by Daniel and Madonna. It's a really tasty concoction and it's a good alternative to my beloved Caramel Frappucchino.

Once we had finished visiting with Mom, we decided to give this random guy we met a ride to Casa Grande. I know it's a very foolish thing to do, especially since we met him at a prison, but Ivan (my brother) and I were very cautious about it. Plus, he said that he'd give me some gas money to compensate.

He turned out to be a good man, though. He's just like a lot of them who screwed up somewhere along the road and learned from it and are now on the path to try to make things right. I didn't let my guard down too much around him, though. I had him ride shotgun while my brother kept an omnipotent eye from behind.

Once in CG, we drove along the main drag (Florence Blvd), took a few turns and came up to his ex wife's apartment to where he'd have to find a way to get her to give him a ride to Mesa (where he's really from). We said our goodbyes, and he only ended up giving me $3 for the ride. Before I had decided on giving him the ride, I told Ivan that I would not settle for anything less than $10, but I guess it didn't really matter. We did our good deed for the day and got an otherwise SOL man get closer to home.

On the I-10 heading east back to Tucson, Ivan and I had some more quality bonding time. We talked and all, but mainly he jammed out to my Avril and Jimmy Eat World CDs. I guess it's because of me that he's so into that music, because he's a Hip-Hop/R&B person.

What that experience taught me is that I really don't hate my brother as much as I thought I did when I wrote so much about him last year. Now that he's out of high school, we're both about on the same mindset. Plus, I think we make an awesome team.



{The search ends}
18 July 2003 @ 11:11 AM

BGM: "Are You Happy Now" by Michelle Branch
Wanting: for Matt to hold me like he did when he hugged me
Wearing: dark blue and black Old Navy ringer shirt, and grey Old Navy cargo pants

I guess that I should print a retraction to my previous post, Matt is safe. But the road to that from where I was (near-panicked), is a very interesting if not very busy.

Upon finishing my previous post, I most quickly headed back out to see if I could find Matt anywhere along the road from the house to his work. Granted, I was driving along Aviation Highway and Matt would've had to have taken an extra hour to be walking down that road, that thought didn't occur to me when lots of different scenarios were running through my head.

I finally got down to the University area and went around the traffic circle around Old Main a few times. When I realized that he wasn't there, I decided to make some calls. It was already about 1:30 or so, so I felt really bad but I dialed up Shaunda first, seeing as she would have been one of the few close by people that Matt would've walked to. Unfortunately, he wasn't there, but offered to help out if I didn't find him through my other courses of action.

Next, I went over to Fox's apartment. He was the other closest route to go to. No luck however. From there I tried calling Mikey and Miranda, the only other people that were nearby. Mikey wouldn't answer (he's more of a deep sleeper than I am!) and Miranda hadn't seen him. As we were talking to her, Fox and I readied ourselves to go out and do another sweep of the University. All the while, I was still talking with Randix. It was really good that I did, too, she helped me ratioinalize Matt's actions and tried to get me to think what course he might've taken and she helped to calm my ever-racing mind.

As we were talking, my other line rang. I put Miranda on hold and who should it be but MATT!

A sudden surge of relief and anger swept over me as I heard him tell me that he had walked the entire way home. Once I had finished with him, I got back to Miranda, told her what happened and said goodnight to her. I then turned around and dropped Fox back off. I called Shaunda who wanted to be informed of what the outcome might be and let her know that all was good.

As I drove home I couldn't help but think "How can he do that? How could he have left his phone that he's owned for two years now? HOW THE HELL COULD HE HAVE WALKED HOME IN THE POURING RAIN?"

I had every intention to give him a good reaming when I walked in the door. However, when he greeted me with a big hug and an apology, I couldn't find it in me to be angry. In all honesty, I could've cried over being so happy that he was safe.

Though, I did tell him to make sure he ties that phone to his ass whenever he thinks of venturing outside the house and to familiarize himself very well with the appearance of my car should this ever happen again.

I'm sorry Matt. I really love you and I would die if I found out that something would have happened to you.

~A (Red lights, in the morning)


{All by himself...}
18 July 2003 @ 1:00 AM

BGM: "Kix" by the Motels
Wanting: to know that Matt's okay
Wearing: WET grey and black Old Navy ringer, WET Levi's button fly jeans

Okay, obvious reasons aside, but for his own sake, My roommate (you know who) better fucking be safe at this moment. I just got back in from waiting for him on 4th Ave. for nearly two hours. During that time I called him at least a half-dozen times AND sent him a text message on his phone.

At 12:30, I decided that it would be best for me to just head home and hopefully see if he either got a ride home or if I'm just out of my mind and for some reason he didn't have to work today.

Upon arrival, I find the house all alone. I'm not really surprised. But, I go to check roomie's room (out of sheer morbid curiousity, mind you), and what do I see? His phone.

He. Forgot. His. Damn. Phone.

Great... I swear, that boy is sometimes even a bigger flake that I am.

Now that I've been typing all of this, it has occurred to me that he might actually be waiting for me at the University area where he always does. Grrr... I guess I better go and check.

~A (See what you've done)


{Where are my pants?}
17 July 2003 @ 9:05 PM

BGM: my phone's ringer
Wanting: to be 100% better so I can enjoy me some damned Starbucks!
Wearing: pre-pants: grey FTL pocket tee, dark blue Stafford boxer-briefs

ˇJesúchristo crucifado! I am bored fuera de mi mente! How bored am I? Apparently enough to start exclaiming in Spanish.

But I guess I should update you on my condition, I'm feeling hella better, but my nose is still giving me drama. Which really sucks cuz I have a four-pack of Caramel Frappucchinos in the fridge and I can't have any dairy lest I get all uber-snotty (as far as boogers go anyway).

Actually, I'm a big fat liar. I'm not without something to do. As soon as I get this posted, I'm going to go meet Daniel at Magpies' downtown. So really, I'm only going to be bored as long as it takes me to get dressed. And maybe if I'm feeling lucky, I'll finally get that pile of clothes in the corner of my room folded up and put away. Or maybe I can even clear off my desk and hook up my brother's new computer...! Wait, I probably shouldn't get ahead of myself. I'll just worry about getting some pants on and getting out the door for now.

I'm going to go see Mom tomorrow. I'll be evil and get a real Caramel Frappucchino on the way over. I pray to Alanis that Mina can take the trip. *Does the Holy Trinity*

Well, I'm off!

~A (So run away, run away from the pain)


{Damn the man!}
17 July 2003 @ 5:04 PM

BGM: "Cries and Whispers" by The Motels
Wanting: to hurt and mame
Wearing: light blue Izod polo shirt, grey Original Khaki Co. pants

Yup... just as I expected. I got reamed today for being out the past two days at work. Okay, maybe "reamed" is too strong a word for it. Condescendingly warned fits much better.

With fifteen minutes to go in my shift today, I am called off the phones by Linda, my TM and am pulled into a conference room. I know the whole routine, I've been through it various times before and quite frankly, I'm not intimidated. I get put on a written warning for my absences and lest I be put on a final warning, I have to be a perfect little angel for 90 days.

You know, there's something about Info's sickness policy that doesn't quite gel with me. You want to know what that is? The fact that no such policy exists. Sure, you can always use your single floating holiday to cover your sick day, assuming you only have one per year. Then of course, you can always get a note from your doctor, and HOPE that that'll suffice. But then, who's going to go to a doctor for a measly uncurable cold? I know that the reason why Info doesn't offer much in the way of employee benefits because of it's turnover rate. Granted, it's probably not as high as other, more stressful call centers (UPS customer service, anyone?), but I still think that there should be more in the ways of employee satisfaction there. Pitiful raises, lousy days to work and all of the other things I just mentioned make for not one very nice place to work.

I should probably hit the classifieds again. If I'm going to go with a new job every summer (like I've done for the past two years), I'm about due.

~A (I hear whispers, always telling lies)


{Down with the sickness}
16 July 2003 @ 1:59 PM

BGM: "Dreams" by The Cranberries (again)
Wanting: for everyone to see my new earring
Wearing: aqua green FTL boxer-briefs, grey FTL pocket t-shirt

Yarrgh... I still continue of the sickness path. I think that aside from my no longer having a sore throat, I actually feel worse today than I did yesterday. This is so not a tribute to my normal dealings with poor health. Normally when I come down with something, it only derails me for a day. But because of this god-forsaken bug, I've had to call in again to work today. I'm DEFINITELY going to hear about that when I go in again.

But after writhing in slow torture for the better part of the day, I decided to end it all and just put a hole in my head.


I went and met Daniel at the Tucson Mall and got my ear cartelidge pierced. That sucker hurt like a monkey for like a half-an-hour, but it was so worth it. I really don't know why I did it, but I enjoyed it. I have now left the world of posers by just having the plain ol' requisite ear piercings and have traversed into something completely new to me. I don't know exactly what it is, but it's certainly cool.

After that, Dani and I went to peruse the Axis of Evil; Old Navy. How evil can Old Navy be, you ask? Well, the fact that they're owned by the Gap nonwithstanding, I somehow duped myself into getting a pair of cargo pants ($9.99 on the sale rack) and two ringer shirts (two for $12, this week's special). Hey, $24 dollars for a change of clothes is a very excellent price, especially by today's standards.

Once our business there was done, we went downtown in Daniel's cute little Focus and perused the local queer spots (Wingspan, EON and Rainbow Planet). We ordered some drinks at Rainbow and just sat outside and chatted. I was really nice, a dynamic that I wasn't sure we could have outside of the bar scene. But we did and I liked it for what it was.

So this morning, I actually awoke and felt able enough to go into work. So I get up, do my usual morning routine and get in the shower.

The water feels really nice and cool at first, all of the sweat washing off that has been coating my body since becoming sick. Then there's the water flowing through my dark hair and I brush it behind my ear and - OW!!! I forget that I have an earring there now...

Then it happens, I can't tell how it started out, but I suddenly have this overwhelming feeling of nausea and like I can't control my limbs. I'm dizzy, my vision is like a bad psychedilic trip; blurred colors and seeing those weird eye worms. Then I feel like the only way I'm going to feel any better is if I either throw up or collapse. Knowing full well that it wouldn't be an option for either, I struggle to get control all the while begging whatever spirits that could hear me to please let this pass. Finally, I'm able to get myself to shut the water off, step out of the shower, and just sit down. The only available place to sit in the bathroom being the toilet, I rested there, with my towel over my head and shoulders to cover me from the chill. It was really fucking intense.

After a few minutes of that, in which I think I must've slept for a bit, I amble out of the bathroom. Promptly call work and saying that I won't be in, and flop onto my bed, where I sleep for a few hours.

Which brings me to know. I'm still somewhat sweaty, and my temples are throbbing a bit, but I'm able to control my motions and move around if I need to.

One other thing that I've noticed, I don't know if it's due to the exercise that I've gotten over the past week or if it's because I've probably been sweating off some pounds simply because it IS summer in Arizona, but as I was watching TV earlier, I noticed that there's a vein visible on my left calf. My aunt has complimented me on the fact that I do look like I'm getting thinner, and quite frankly, I agree with her. Though I'm not where I would most like to be, it's a start and if I could keep up this momentum, I'll be a thin, carbon-copy Abercrombie boi by next Pride. Hopefully by then, I'll be with someone that won't give a damn about my outer appearance.

Le sigh... dreams...

What Dreams May Come
You are... What Dreams May Come - "I would go
to hell to find you."

Love, above all else, is important to you. When you
love someone, you really love them, and you'd
do anything for them. Sometimes that an get you
into trouble, but to you that isn't important;
what is important is is maintaining the levels
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You little romantic, you.

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~A (I know I've felt like this before, now I'm feeling it even more, because it came from you)


{On this perfect day...}
15 July 2003 @ 12:46 PM

BGM: "Perfect Day" by Hoku
Wanting: some Starbucks
Wearing: blue Adidas gym shorts, white wifebeater

Finally! I clicked on the members area here at least 10 times with the intent to write a new entry but I kept getting distracted.

This is my attention span/thought process:

"Okay, I'm feeling a lot better now with the meds, some caffeine, OJ and Matt's hearty vegan soup. I should write about it then get ready and call Daniel to see if he wants to hang out earlier than we had planned, since I don't go to work and all."

[Clicks on Diaryland Members area]

"Ooh! What a witty banner!"

[Clicks on witty banner, reads diary for about 5 minutes]

"Awesome! More people have joined my diaryrings!"

[Goes to diaryrings page and thanks people for joining]

"Hey, there isn't a ring dedicated to The Motels!"

[Creates The Motels diaryring]

"Hmm... I should probably get that entry in so I can get going... OOH! Practically free banner ads! SCHWEET!"

[Clicks on ad for near-free d-land banners. Fills out paypal form then lingers for a while]

"What was I going to do again?"

[A few minutes pass as he clicks on various d-land links]

"Oh! That's right! I need to get this damned entry up!"


"Ouch, it hurts to cough or sneeze."

[Finally starts typing in entry]

I think I'm a closeted blonde. Maybe that would explain why I *heart* Legally Blonde so much.

~A (Nothing's standing in my way)


{Feels like a freight train is running through my head}
15 July 2003 @ 7:26 AM

BGM: "Shame" by the Motels
Wanting: either to be cured to be allowed to die
Wearing: blue and white FTL boxer-briefs, white wifebeater

oiren,m.ctyd b koinxl,.,zmcnxwoiefnlkdsmlrll... No, I didn't slip and slam my head on the keyboard. But I'm feeling particularly weak that I'm not surprised that I haven't done that just yet.

I feel like complete and utter crap. My throat is sore, my head hurts, my nose is all stuffy and worst of all, my hair is a complete mess. At the suggestion of Matt, last night I slept wrapped up in my thickest blanket in hopes that I could sweat out whatever's killing me. The only thing it did was cause me to wake up several times. Sweat I did, make no mistake. I just don't think that helped all that much.

I called in to work already. I'm going to hear about it for sure.

After this, I'm debating as to wether to go to the store and buy some remedies or just flop back onto bed and just lie in slow torture.

Uhhh... Someone either get me some chicken soup and orange juice or a handgun with a single bullet in it. That's all I need.

~A (Shame on me, shame on you, shame on every little thing that we do)


{Rain on my parade}
14 July 2003 @ 10:55 PM

BGM: "Icy Red" by the Motels
Wanting: to be in the UK dammit!
Wearing: black t-shirt, Route 66 denim shorts and black flip-flops

Horrible news. As it turns out, the new UK position I was oh-so looking forward to at work isn't going to go through after all. This afternoon the call center manager pulls in a bunch of random people into the conference room to let us know the news. Apparently, bandwidth issues are to blame for that.

Assistant manager (and cute Irish) Kasey explained it in terms of a beer bong. The straw or tube represents the bandwidth, which is only an inch in diameter. The UK calls are a five gallon bottle. They just cannot go through. He was really cute in explaining it.

But, however you explain it, it still boils down to me still being stuck at my sucky schedule with sucky pay and my sucky days off.

I guess I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands and start looking for another job and maybe put in for a schedule change of my own. I think I'll do four 10-hour days and get an extra day off. Because we all know that I can use that time to do some constructive stuff.

In other news that are still somehow work related, the past few days have been really torrential. I love it. It was at about 8:00 last night when while working, the lights inside the building kept flickering. Unfortunately, the power didn't go out. Damn back-up generator. But outside during my break, I was talking to one of the other girls. We were going on about how beautiful the thunderstorms are here. It was then when I was talking to her about that that realized that when I finally do move away, I'll leave all of this monsoon coolness. I really *heart* the monsoons, I get all hot and bothered and sometimes very wet. Mmm...

Ugh... unfortunately I'm also getting sick. I'm usually as healthy as granola, but I guess the change in clime has futzed with my insides. I have an twinge in the back of my throat and excess icky mucusy stuff everywhere. Gross.

Anyway, I have a date with Daniel tomorrow. I hope to get my mind off of the more depressing aspects of work when I meet up with him.

~A (Rain is what the thunder brings)


{Bust a recap}
14 July 2003 @ 12:56 AM

BGM: "Dreams" by the Cranberries
Wanting: more times like these
Wearing: Levi's button fly jeans, and Bookmans' Censorship shirt

By the time this is up, Alex will most likely be gone. His parents had just got in from driving down from Seattle on Saturday evening. After a short reunion with his family here in town, they'll be heading down to Mexico where they'll spend the next month or so just traversing the land. I swear, some people have all the luck. But, no matter how you look at it, in the end this weekend was fun.

After the meeting at Starbucks, I later went over to Daniel's apartment for a sleepover. Him, Nick, Alex and I had dinner that consisted of some pretty gringo-fied (but still tasty) soft tacos, various alcoholic drinks and watching horrible late-night TV shows (Jenny Jones and some dating game to name a few). Once Jerry Springer finished, we finally got to sleep (with Alex sleeping on the couch and me taking the floor). The next day, once everyone was up (around noon), I ate, got ready and left for work.

Work was interesting. Interesting in a bad way. I signed up for two hours of overtime on Friday and came in wearing my most casual outfit (cuz Fridays are dress-down days); my Coldplay shirt, my WF1 shorts, my sandals and my dark blue bandana with my hair in pigtails. With about 15 minutes left in my shift, the day had gone pretty normally by, difficult callers and all. But, right as I was scant minutes out the door and well into a groove of being nearly saccharine to the callers, one of the Leads comes up to me and tells me I need to remove my bandana! WTF?? I've worn it twice before and have never even gotten a wrong stare about it. But Friday I noticed (right after I was told), that a few people cast me stares (mostly TMs and other Leads) and didn't smile at me when I did to them. I felt so humiliated. My initial need to protest waned as I decided that I didn't need to throw a wrench in my weekend by letting some better-than-you pricks at work incite my anger. After that, I glared at the clock with more anxious intent.

Luckily, once my salvation came, I got my mind off the whole ordeal and drowned my sorrows in shopping. A trip to Sam Goody and a swipe of my debit card later, and I became the proud new owner of The Cranberries STARS: The Best of 1992-2002, A Tribute to Coldplay *giddy squeal* and Empire Records on VHS. Sigh... purchases I didn't need per se, but couldn't allow myself to walk out of the store without. I guess there's no hope for a life of frugality for me. But then again, who would want to shop at Val-U-Mart for the rest of their life?

Actually, before I went to the mall, I went over to the DMV to finally update the address on my driver's license. I also changed my signature and updated my picture. When I got it back, I looked at it and at the picture on my debit card and it was noticably more slender now that it used to be, so that made me muy happy. I then went home to color my hair. Due to all of the coloring that I have already done to it, my hair has become a rather interesting shade of reddish brown. To make it look even more interesting, there's about five months worth of roots showing and topped off with a peppering of white hairs. Yes, girls, I have to confess, I'm actually older than I've been letting on. *Weep*

After that, I made my way over to Shaunda's place for a sleepover. Her, Fox, Steve and I would be doing that with the ulterior motive of going to go see a matinee showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl the following day. So we go get some DVDs (cuz Shaunda doesn't have a VCR) at Casa Video, come back with the intent of enjoying them, only Steve had a craving for some potato wedges and we walked over to the ghetto Safeway to get some once we got back from the video store.

Which turned out to be a bad idea since we stepped out Shaunda's front door. There was lots of wind and dust blowing around due to an impending thunderstorm that was supposed to hit. We all got sand in our eyes (even though we were all wearing glasses of some sort) and the fact that the wind was hitting us directly from the front was a strong hinderance to our time getting there. But we eventually get there and proceed to stock up on some impulse party goodies which included chips, soda and some Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade (which is VERY tasty BTW).

Back at the safety that is Shaunda's four-walled barrier to the elements, we load up the movies. Shaunda recently discovered the godliness that is Renee Zellweger and has it bad hardcore for Liv Tyler, so we actually rented Empire Records on DVD so she could bask in their glow. So while I'm sure she would've given anything to be AJ so she can get with Cory, I would have given anything to be Cory so I could get with AJ and wear her super-cute outfit! ^_^

Next, we viewed The Ring. I am the only person left alive on this planet that hadn't seen it, so I felt compelled to. Also, cuz my big scene (thus far) in Fox's movie is very Ring-inspired, so I figured that I might as well know how to go about acting it out.

Maybe it was due to Steve and Fox (and I sometimes) being all immature and joking through most of it, or it was really THAT bad, but I didn't really like the movie. I mean, it has all the elements that would normally freak me out; making a common object that I'm almost always around into an implement of evil, cute guys dying and creepy white girls, but I didn't care for it all that much. We had also rented Ringu (the original Japanese version), but we didn't get around to seeing that.

We finally got to be at about three-ish. Steve slept on the top bunk, Shaunda slept on the floor and Fox and I had to take the bottom one. It was a little uncomfortable because I could feel the bars underneath the futon and it was more than a little warm because of the collective body heat.

Anyway, we up and made our way merrily to the movies. We all piled into my car and we headed to the El Con Mall Century Theatre, but first, we stopped at a nearby Circle K to get some stuff to sneak in and for us debit carders to get some cash out. Once at the theatre, we had to immediately throw down because the stadium seating was filling up fast. Everyone and their 2nd cousin Shaniqua was there.

Once the movie got started, I was mesmorized. It was so incredibly awesome. There was action, there was adventure, there was romance and there was Orlando Bloom looking about 100x sexier than he did in the LOTR movies. In my opinion, his natural brown, semi-wavy locks are a lot better than his obviously fake, a-little-too-long-for-even-MY-taste blonde hair. Let's just say that if it wasn't for the seat to anchor me down, I would be stumbling across in a euphoric stupor over Mr. Bloom. Johnny Depp was good too, in a more dolt-ish kinda way. Best line of the movie: "You want to know what pain is? Try wearing a corset!" Good times. This movie merits an "A" and definitely another viewing from moi.

After that, I dropped everyone off, went back home only to drop some stuff off, then shower and change (it's so fooking hot that my shirt was practically glued to my back). Once I was done, I headed out again once more to meet up with Alex and Daniel who were spending their last day together before Alex's family whisked him away. So I decided for us to have a late lunch at Jason's Deli at the Williams Center. We had a nice lunch (I ordered the Portobella mushroom wrap YUM!) and had a pretty heated discussion involving friends and should there be any kind sexual interaction between them. Alex was way "no it's wrong, there shouldn't, etc." and Daniel was like "If it's between good friends then it it's okay, etc." And I was in the uncomfortable position in the middle where I didn't agree completely with either side. I didn't want to come between any of them and wanted to maintain my grounds on the subject. Though it was intense to say the least, I enjoyed it very much and would've liked to have heard it from an omnipotent 3rd person vantage.

Once I said goodbye to Alex and Daniel, I headed over to meet Fox and Shaunda again so we could watch the other two movies we rented at Fox's apartment. For the past two days the weather's been cock-teasing the whole area really badly, so on our way over to the apartment Mother Nature finally put out and did so with such a vengeance. In the short trip from my car to the stairwell at the apartment, we got soaked. It was really nice to finally have the rains here.

Anyway, we first popped in Ringu. Though the movie was structurally near-identical to The Ring, it was so not nearly there in character. For instance, the female character came off as way too weak and didn't do nearly as much herself as her American counterpart. Secondly, the male lead was so emotionless and not nearly as likeable as his contemporary (and according to Shaunda he looked like a wife beater). The action was very lacking too. It just seemed to drag on without an end in sight. It wasn't a terrible movie, but I think it could've been done better. After that, Shaunda had to leave and Fox and I watched The Heroic Trio. It's a Chinese superhero movie about these three butt-kicking chicks. It was cheesy out the ass, but it was still entertaining.

When it finished we stepped out to Fox's balcony and talked while we admired the after-torrent pleasantness. Our conversations began about the dissatisfaction that we had in high school (ie: with not being incredibly popular to being disillusioned by teen movies, etc.), to the great dynamics that our circle of friends have and so on. We were so totally into the coversation that we decided to go out and walk while we talked. We ended up going to return the movies to Casa (cuz they were only two-day rentals) and we ended up walking aroun this park and the surrounding neighborhood near the Bookman's on Grant. I forget how long we walked, but we spoke about things again that we had a lot in common. Like our dissatisfaction with life in Tucson and how we're about thisclose to just dropping everything we have down here (which admittedly isn't much) and just moving up to Seattle or somewhere. The thing is though, that I'm all for Los Angeles as my #1 destination, but neither Fox (nor anyone else that I've talked to for that matter) has a very high opinion about LA or California in general. I guess I should probably reconsider it too, especially since it's 1) a town where too many people seem to flock to and 2) everyone seems to think that everyone in LA's got a whole more-pretentious-than-thou attitude. But anyway, though I loved talking about what we did, I did find myself a little depressed afterwards.

Sunday was okay enough. Due the lingering storm system, we had the lights at work flicker a few times, but we weren't lucky enough to get any power outages. I did however, find that the power here at the house went out for a good hour. I wish I could've been here to witness that.

All in all, I totally *heart*-ed the weekend, I feel like this one should be an archetype for all other weekends to follow; full and fun. But alas, I know that such a thing isn't always possible. Le sigh... another week has begun.

PS: I forgot, there's another city in which I would love to find myself in:
Even though it was burned during the civil war, Atlanta has risen to become the cultural and economic hub of the south while still maintaining it's charm. With a metropolitan area population of 4.1 million, it is the 39th largest city in the US. Rich with history, it is the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. The city boasts of being not only a major sports center, but is 20th in the nation for percentage of college education per capita.

Congratulations, you're Atlanta, jewel of the South.
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~A (How long must you wait for it?)


{where do i start?}
i am... a dancer and a dreamer, latino, gay, a singer, a poet, an artist, a son, a brother, no one's lover, way too obsessed with sailor moon for my own good, a romantic, temporarily unemployed, and too much more to list here

{emotional me}
The current mood of invernal at

{fly me to the moon}

{reach out and touch me}

{i lurve these people}
rb colorkid
margaret cho
kitty magic

Sailor Luna: Chibi-usa, reenvisioned Sailor Moon: at least this gif has the ponytails hanging properly; BEHIND her Tuxedo Kamen: aka - T3H M45K3D MULL37
Sailor Jupiter: who? Sailor Mercury: once was lost, now a geek Sailor Mars: Venus' girltoy Sailor Venus: Mars' daddy

i was always blue-green cuz we are living in a material world...
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Haruka to Michiru kirei
invited by the new age, i am sailorneptune, acting gracefully
typical genki schoolgirls by day, ass-kicking heroines in color-coded mini-skirts by night!
watch out for that mercury chick, she'll inhale you in one breath
we never change, do we?
can wang
Gone, but not forgotten: 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
It was a thing
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I adoped Andrew!